proteanTecs looks inside the Chip – and sends Reports

29 August, 2020

proteanTecs develops revolutionary Universal Chip Telemetry for electronic systems throughout their entire lifecycle. Announced the closing of a $45M financing round

Facing the industry need for bigger, better and more reliable semiconductor devices, a surprising solution was developed by proteanTecs from Haifa, Israel. The company invented a new method to gain meaningful insights and visibility of the chip’s behavior. It allows to track the semiconductors devices during production and in the field and to get new types of data, never collected before, and even to receive failure alerts before they are actually happen.

The basic idea is simple: The company invented its own sensors that are planted inside the semiconductor device and provide telemetry data throughout the device’s entire life cycle. This concept is called Universal Chip Telemetry (UCT). During the design it inserts very small logic circuits (Agents) into the chip, that can be spread all around the chip and collect critical information on the chip’s profiling, health and performance.

After Tape-Out and before chip production, design simulations across hundreds of manufacturing model variants are generated, uploaded to the software platform and processed by machine learning algorithms. During chip and system production and while in-field, analytics are applied to the Agent Readouts for data fusion and actionable insights & alerts are provided by the software platform.

The entire data is loaded into Proteus – a cloud data analytics platform – to provide a complete view of the chip characteristics and behavior and to allow predictive maintenance. In fact,  Proteus is a software platform which applies analytics to data created by the on-chip Agents.

Industry veterans join together to revolutionize the Industry

Founded in 2017 by industry veterans, including former Mellanox founders Shai Cohen (now proteanTecs CEO), Evelyn Landman (CTO) and Roni Ashuri (COO), the company is headquartered in Israel with offices in New Jersey and California. In April, 2019, proteanTecs launched out of stealth mode with completion of a series B financing round of $35 million. Investors include Avigdor Willenz, Intel Capital and others.

Last week it announced the closing of its growth equity financing round of $45M, led by Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT) and joined by Valor Equity Partners and Atreides Management. It brings the total investments in the company since its inception to approximately $95 million. The company is already serving some of the largest electronics vendors across multiple industries, including Datacenter, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence and Communications. Shai Cohen, CEO, said  the investment will be used “to expand our global footprint so that we can offer even greater value to chip vendors, system integrators and service providers.”

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