Waterfall and NanoLock collaborate to protect critical infrastructure

9 December, 2021

Waterfall developed component that buffers between the OT core and IT systems, while NanoLock's solution provides end protection for PLC's and sensors

A new Israeli cooperation in the critical infrastructures’ cyber defense.  Waterfall Security Company and NanoLock Company announced a new cooperation of offering a combined solution for energy & critical infrastructures companies. According to the companies, the synergy between the solutions will provide tighter and more holistic protection to the various layers of operation and production systems against different cyber scenarios. 

Waterfall’s solution is located in the communication interface between the IT systems and the operation & production systems, and creates a unidirectional buffer that prevents cyber intrusions from outside the system. NanoLock’s solution is installed at the device level, providing protection to connected edge devices, such as industrial controllers and sensors. At this level, the solution prevents maliciously or accidentally unauthorized code alterations, whether by employees or outsiders.

Yanir Laubshtein, NanoLock’s VP Cyber Solutions, explains the technological and business rationality behind the cooperation: “Waterfall creates separation between the production infrastructure and the internet, while we provide protection at the controller or sensor level. Since technicians or vendors might have occasional access to the edge-devices, such as for maintenance – it is important to fully protect them. Our solution allow for using the edge-devices for telemetry only, and block any unauthorized attempts to alter their definitions. This is not only malicious attacks protection, but also human errors that might cause faults and harm the operational flow. Nowadays, critical infrastructure plants are subject to tighter regulation requirements. Also, the latter attacks wave increased the industry’s awareness to cyber protection solutions”. 

Two concepts of IIoT cyber security

Founded in 2016, NanoLock’s solution provides device level protection for IoT and industrial equipment, with minimal power, processing and memory footprint, and is therefore particularly suitable for IoT devices with limited processing resources and scant battery power such as smart meters in the gas, water and electricity industries.

Founded at 2008, Waterfall has developed a unidirectional cyber solution, consists of both hardware and software, which offers bulletproof protection for operational networks (OT) in industrial facilities against remote cyber attacks. The hardware component is installed between the operational network (OT) and the external network (IT). A single one direction optical fiber connects the two, thus creates a Unidirectional Security Gateway allowing data to move only outward but not into the industrial network itself. This hardware creates a physical barrier that isolates the network. When a user uses the analytics systems, he does so in a replicated cloud.

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