SMARTSHOOTER & Roboteam unveiled autonomous tactical robot

7 June, 2022

The robot, which can easily move in rough field conditions, is equipped with weapon station and smart sight that can automatically home in targets, including drones

SMARTSHOOTER and Roboteam unveiled an integrated solution of an autonomous tactical robot equipped with a AI-based weapon station that automatically home in the target and hit it with maximum precision. The robot is operated remotely using control system that makes it possible for the operator to both observe the area from distance and to fire. Also, since the SMARTSHOOTER’s sight is capable of precisely hitting drones, the integrated solution can serve as a tactical UAV interception device at the battleground. The solution can also be used in urban scenarios, patrol missions and border defense.  

The integrated solution is the outcome of combining Roboteam’s TIGR robot and SMARTSHOOTER’s SMASH Hopper, a Light Remotely Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS). TIGR (Transportable Interoperable Ground Robot) is a tactical robot, designed to cope with explosive ordinance disposal, hazardous material handling and intelligence missions. Its height is 95cm, it weighs around 75kg, and it can be carried by two persons.  Among other features, it has high maneuverability in complex terrain conditions, at any weather and also stair-climbing ability. Its arms are characterized by 5 degrees of freedom, which makes it highly flexible in operating the weapon station, and it also equipped with HD camera and night vision facility. 

SMASH Hopper is a 15kg weapon station (tripod-like, also called “Pan Tilt Unit” in military terms) that carries a gun equipped with the smart fire control system SMASH, SMARTSHOOTER’s flagship product. The system, which can be mounted to any assault rifle, is homing in the target through electro-optic sensors and track it using AI-based image processing. The automatic target homing in allows the operator to effortlessly point the weapon, and once locked, he pull the trigger, and let SMASH do the rest.  

Both companies will present the integrated solution at the Eurosatory 2022 Military Exhibition in Paris mid June. It seems that the companies are planning for an extensive cooperation, as they both say SMARTSHOOTERS’s systems can be integrated with any Roboteam’s platforms. 

Currently, Roboteam had developed 5 ground robot systems and a flying robot, remotely navigated and designed to carry and land robotic systems. All Roboteam’s robot families are meeting the JAUS/IOP standards, which allows for generic device mounting on the system depending on the mission, such as hazard material detecting sensors, vision devices and more. Significant component of this system is the algorithmics and software, which makes it easy for the operator to intuitively perform complex and advanced operations in the battleground, while taking advantage of the autonomous capabilities and managing complex system of multi-platform and multi-sensor.

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