SuperCom was granted a $33 million contract with EU country for supplying EM devices  

30 August, 2022

The EM devices will supervise 15,000 people. In the past few months, the company had signed  contracts in several USA states and with Sweden

SuperCom Company announced today it has signed an agreement with national government of a European Union (EU) member country for supplying its Electronic Monitoring (EM) systems. The electronic devices will be used for enforcing restraining orders in domestic violence cases, house arrests and supervising parolees and ex-convicts with home detention limitations. According to SuperCom, this is the country’s first EM project, and it is planned for supervising 15,000 enrollees simultaneously.  

The company estimates the project’s value will exceed $33 million for a 5-years period, based on the government’s internal budgeting. In the past few months, the company had reported new EM systems contracts in Kentucky, Idaho, Texas and California, in a addition to contract in Sweden. Company’s revenues in Q1 2022 were $3 million, the same as Q1 2021. 

SuperCom develops electronic monitoring solutions for parolees, ex-convicts and other people requiring  supervision, such as people with dementia that may be lost. In the first months of the COVID-19 crisis, the company launched unique solution to monitor infected people, or such people required to stay isolated. In addition, the company had performed a pilot with the Israeli Ministry of Health for tracking returning citizens that need to stay isolated. Since the government at that time was provisional government, which was legally limited, the pilot did not end up with a contract. 

The device is an ultra-light, thin ankle bracelet, hidden under the sock, does not interfere the person’s  daily routine and cannot be seen to the bare eye. The connection is done through Bluetooth short distance communication with the base station at the residency, so the person carrying the device cannot leave the premises without an alarm. Also, the device is equipped with fingerprints reader for improved  identification. 

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