Shapir Engineering invests in Ception and will integrate the startup’s AI at its sites

8 September, 2022

Ception's AI system prevents accidents and improves the productivity and profitability of heavy equipment at construction sites, mines, and quarries

Shapir Engineering and Industry, the Israeli market leader in the field of infrastructure (traded on the TA-35 index: SPEN), is making a strategic investment in Jerusalem startup Ception.

Ception will also participate in the first cohort of companies in Access, the new tech center Shapir launched recently in order to discover and support future technologies in construction and infrastructure. In addition to its investment in Ception, Shapir Engineering will examine Ception’s systems integration into various operational spaces including quarries, industrial plants, construction sites and infrastructure sites. Ception’s solution is relevant and vital to most areas of Shapir Engineering’s activity.

Tal Israel, Co-Founder and CEO of Ception, said: “Shapir Engineering’s investment demonstrates once again that we’re solving acute problems in the operation of heavy equipment, including safety, efficiency and sustainability. The advanced AI technologies we implement are changing the reality on the ground and pushing the construction, infrastructure, and quarry industries into the Industry 4.0 era with all its operational and economic benefits. Shapir Engineering’s investment and other planned collaborations with the company will provide an additional impetus for our entry into these industries both in Israel and around the world.”

Dr. Ricardo Osiroff, CEO of Access: “We congratulate Ception on joining the Innovation Center. We believe that the collaboration with the company will yield solutions to industry safety issues in the short term. We also expect that in the long term, Ception’s groundbreaking technology will streamline operations at our sites.”

Ception has developed a new AI-based system called MineCept that reduces accidents from heavy equipment at construction sites, mines, quarries, and industrial plants, making operations more efficient, lowering costs, and even contributing to sustainability in these demanding environments.

MineCept has already been incorporated into a variety of projects and industrial sites operated by some of the top players in the mining and construction industries in Israel and the world. The ICL Group, one of the world’s leading fertilizer producers, which operates heavy equipment at the Rotem phosphate mine in Israel, uses MineCept. In the construction and infrastructure field, Ception’s system has been used by Netivei Israel, the national transportation infrastructure company, as part of a project aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of heavy equipment.

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