NeuReality Appoints Lynn Comp, Semiconductor Veteran and AMD Corporate VP, to its Board

29 June, 2023

Lynn A Comp, Corporate Vice President in the server Business Unit at AMD, joins NeuReality’s board as the company prepares to launch its AI-inference servers

NeuReality, industry experts in AI-centric inference, has announced the appointment of Lynn A Comp to its Board of Directors. As a semiconductor veteran and leader with vast experience in data center infrastructure, Lynn joins NeuReality’s experienced board consisting of industry heavyweights CJ Bruno, with his wealth of experience in sales and marketing from a distinguished career at Intel, and AI luminary Naveen Rao, a leading industry voice in generative AI and deep learning. Lynn brings invaluable knowledge of the technology underpinning inference and virtual cloud, as well as the sector acumen needed to help guide NeuReality through the complex market dynamics and drive the company through its next integral period of growth.

As AI inference becomes highly sought after, in major part due to the proliferation of Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT, AI computation systems must adapt to keep it performing at higher efficiency and optimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). NeuReality is building a first-in-class capability to fortify the future of AI inference, helping to improve the performance of machine learning systems by offloading computational tasks the Data-movement and processing requires for hosting Deep Learning Accelerators, from general-purpose CPUs. Moving from the time and resource-intensive CPU-centric model to NeuReality’s AI-centric model and server-on-a-chip solution helps lower cost, reduce required energy input and increase throughput. Lynn’s proven track record in Go-To-Market strategies, as well as her intimate understanding and relationship with the compute industry, fits hand in glove with NeuReality’s vision and solutions, and will contribute to ensuring NeuReality’s solutions realize their full potential.

“I’m excited to be joining NeuReality’s board and welcome the challenge to help steer the company through its next phase of growth,” said Mrs Comp. “The company’s innovative approach to AI-focused computing platforms offers the market an easily integrated, end to end inference solution that speeds up AI deployments while reducing data center footprint and power. I am passionate about simplifying the application of AI to IT infrastructure and take on this role with the intention of helping make this a reality,” added Lynn.

“We are thrilled to welcome Lynn to our board,” said Moshe Tanach, Co-Founder and CEO of NeuReality.” “Adding Lynn to our board of directors with her extensive business experience with semiconductors at AMD, as well as data centers for various market sectors, is one of multiple important steps we are taking as we shift from development to production. Drawing on Lynn’s unique expertise and leadership in the semiconductor market, we are looking forward to working together and refining the GTM strategy and execution for our disruptive AI inference products and services. AMD’s ambitions and priorities chime with our own vision of the market and makes Lynn’s appointment with her background at AMD invaluable.”

During her 25-year tenure, Lynn Comp has held a number of key positions, including Vice President of the Data Center Group and General Manager of the Visual Cloud Division in Intel as well as Corporate VP of cloud business unit and Server BU marketing in AMD. She has been instrumental in helping Intel build and foster strong relationships with top-tier customers and partners, and has taken an active role in promoting the company’s environmental and social responsibilities. Lynn was also recognized as part of the “2020 Women of Technology” by Connected World.

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