Nemo Nanomaterials Unveils 50-Ton Production Line

12 April, 2024

Plans Expansion to Hundreds of Tons Capacity. he NemoBLEND additives are ready to be used in common plastic manufacturing processes

[Pictured above: Nemo Nanomaterials – technology illustration. Credit – Dima Yaroshezki, D.V.A. PRODUCTIONS]

Nemo Nanomaterials, an Israeli technology company providing nanomaterial-based industrial additives, has unveiled a production line with the capacity to produce 50 tons per year of its NemoBLEND™ nanomaterial-based additives. Additionally, in response to demand from Europe, the company plans to establish a new production line in the first quarter of 2025 that will have the capacity to yield hundreds of tons annually.

Nemo’s NemoBLEND™ additives, which are based on single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) hybrid, serve two main purposes: providing electrical conductivity to eliminate the need for metal conductors and providing electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding to protect sensitive electronic devices from disruption. These additives can be mass-produced and incorporated into a wide range of plastic parts, making them an ideal component for enhancing the performance and sustainability of materials used in planes, trains, automobiles, and other applications.

The NemoBLEND additives are ready to be used in common plastic manufacturing processes, opening new possibilities for design, advanced functionalities, weight reduction, and enhanced sustainability.

In response to the growing demand from the US and Europe, Nemo envisions establishing a factory in Israel within a year of the planned line’s operation, with subsequent ventures planned in regions with significant demand.  The planned line will cater primarily to material manufacturers serving the transportation and energy sectors. Leveraging a distinctive manufacturing process underpinned by proprietary compositions and formulations, the company has filed two patent applications and several additional patents applications are being prepared for filing. Nemo’s unique production technology, comprising proprietary special processes and custom-designed equipment, sets the stage for a versatile additive poised for widespread adoption.

The demand in Europe has been driven through Nemo’s strategic collaboration with Kafrit Group, a global masterbatch and compounds producer. The two companies signed an agreement which combines investment by Kafrit in Nemo and collaboration of the companies in the field of nanomaterial-based concentrates. As part of the collaboration, the two companies joined forces in marketing Nemo’s products, including masterbatches for electrical conductivity and EMI shielding in plastics.

“Nemo Nanomaterials emphasizes a range of standardized products tailored to diverse needs across segments and applications,” stated Alexander Zinigrad, CEO of Nemo Nanomaterials. “The new production line, that will be located in Petah Tikva, Israel, is set to specialize in thermoplastic materials, catering to varied plastic requirements.”

Nemo Nanomaterials, which was established in 2018 by Alexander Zinigrad and Jonathan Antebi, offers a line of innovative additives with a unique set of properties, such as electrical conductivity and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding in plastics.

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