Camero Tech reveals Vision-Through Barriers camera

Camero Tech Company from Kfar-Neter, Israel, will reveal in the Milipol security exhibition a new radar camera, providing the ability to “see” objects through walls 50 meters and beyond. The camera, Xaver LR40, is the lightest and most portable one in the Xaver family, and is able to be carried and operated by single person. It weights 25lb and measures 29X25in. The camera is capable of detecting live objects beyond a wall, their number and the exact distance from the camera. This unique camera is aimed to be in use by military forces, law enforcers or rescue teams, and improve their spatial awareness in a hostile environment.

Camero Tech was founded in 2004 and is part of Samy Katzav’s SK Group. The company had developed a vision-through-barriers technology which is based on an Ultra Wide Band (UWB) in low frequencies (2GHz-11GHz) and very large bandwidth. This technique differs from the standard checking systems currently in the market, which are based on high microwave frequencies. This ultra wide bandwidth provides the system with the ability to detect objects in high resolution from distance and to detect life signals indicating the presence of human beings beyond different wall materials. The company had developed proprietary patented designated transmitters and a low production cost receivers. Based on this technology, the company is leading 2 major product lines: body imaging systems and the Xaver product family to provide vision through barriers. In 2019, Camero tech sold its body imaging product line to the German Rohde & Schwarz Company. 

Amir Beeri, founder & CEO of Camero Tech says that this camera will provide crucial tactical intelligence for various operational scenarios, at minimal conflict with the target. “The XLR usage possibilities are varied. The camera may be placed, among other options, in a designated vehicle which provides for agile point-to-point mobility; behind a camouflage netting for stealth tasks; or within apartments or buildings’ roofs next to the target’.