Cape Air to purchase 75 all electric commuter aircrafts from Eviation

Regional carrier Cape Air Company have signed Letter of Intent (LOI) with the Israeli Eviation Aircraft Company for the purchase of 75 all electric Alice commuter aircraft, which can accommodate nine passengers and two crew. This engagement is part of Cape Air’s efforts to set up an unparalleled regional electric fleet and reduce its Carbon Footprint. Already in 2019, Cape Air announced its intentions to purchase several Alice aircrafts. At the time, Eviation’s CEO and co-founder Omer Bar-Yohay noted that its company is going to deliver their aircrafts to Cape Air at a $4 million each. Last August, Eviation has reported a purchase order of 12 aircrafts by DHL, the international shipping company.   

Massachusetts-based Cape Air is one of the largest commuter airlines in the United States. The company flies more than 400 regional flights a day to nearly 40 cities in the Northeast, Midwest, Montana and a direct line to the Caribbean. The company’s fleet contains about 100 Cessna, Britten-Norman and Tecnam aircrafts.

Electric aviation revolution

Eviation was founded in 2015 by CEO Omer Bar-Yohay and Chairman Aviv Tzidon, with an ambitious vision of to revolutionize the Global aviation industry with an innovative all-electric plane powered by thousands of Lithium batteries and capable of of transferring passengers to distant places, with faster schedules and lower costs. Three years ago, at the Paris Air Show, Eviation presented its first Alice prototype. It was designed for nine-sitters plus 2 crew members, and could fly for 625 miles with a single battery charge.

The plane is activated by 70,000 Lithium batteries scattered in its body, also serve for the purpose of balancing the frame. The total capacity of the batteries is 980 kWh, which allows for a 800 kilometers distance at a 480 KPH speed. The plane is equipped by 2 electric motors from the Seattle-based MagniX.

In 2017, the Singapore-based Clermont Group purchased Eviation, which announced its commitment to transform Eviation’s vision of electric flight into a commercial reality. Clermont’s owner is the New Zealand-born billionaire and philanthropist Richard Chandler, which carries the flag of promoting electric aviation globally.