CENS adds CNTs to improve the capacity of Li-Ion batteries

Photo above: CNT on Li-Ion battery cathode and anode powder

CENS Materials, from Beer Sheva, Israel, has completed an investment round of $1.5 million led by the UK based investor Vincent Tchenguiz (Consensus Group). The company that was established at Incubit, an Elbit Systems’ incubator, is developing industrial process, that significantly increases the battery’s energy capacity by implementing carbon nanotubes (CNT) into batteries, without significantly increasing the cost.

CENS solution is a powder in/powder out process, therefore it does not affect the existing production line and does not require infrastructure modifications. It is based on the common Li-Ion technology with an addition of one industrial step in the process. This solution can even cause cobalt to be a redundant component in the battery, which might have a huge impact on cost and environment.

The company was founded in 2014 by the CEO and founder, Michael Bromfman with the backing of Elbit Systems. Prior to establishing CENS, Bromfman had served as the engineering manager of NanoMaterials from the Weizmnan Science Park, near Tel Aviv. Bromfman said the investment will serve to establish a semi-industrial plant capable of manufacturing premium batteries, “that will be supplied to top OEMs and Tier 1 in the Electric Vehicle industry.”

CENS technology increases the amount of charges stored in any electrical device by adding its CNT powder to the device’s electrodes (cathode/anode). The company estimates that it can increase the power capacity of devices such as Capacitors, Super Capacitors and Batteries by approximately 50%.