Done is revealed with a Bootstrap raising of 9 million USD

The busy people today don’t have time to do the little errands in life. The smart lockers and the technological platform of Done, which includes systems couriers’ management and guiding, are meant to easy our lives through access to receipt and delivery services for packages, laundry services and long and short-term items storage – all in a distance of only a few hundred of meters from our homes or places of work. It is intended for both private and business alike. 

Done was established in 2017 and it has today 25 employees. It intensively recruits additional employees for the development, operational, customer service and marketing teams. It operates in cooperation with many municipalities and also with Azrieli Malls, Israel Railways, DHL, UPS and more. The company completed a Bootstrap raising of 9 million USD.   

The technology of Done combines hardware (the lockers) and software – the operation application, an advanced system for management and control, sensors and lockers touch screens and also uses interface with third party services. The lockers are offered in different sizes fitted for various types of packages and services, from a small locker with a capacity of 40 liter up to a capacity of 200 liter. 

The user identification can be done pursuant to the code attributed to the package, pursuant to phone and user name or through QR code from the application. In the lockers activated in the application the identification is dome automatically by placing the phone near to the locker (similar to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). With the receipt of the package, the customer receives a text message and also a notification in the application with a code, through which he can receive the order placed in the locker. Couriers receive navigation permits and operate the locker through a designated menu in an application designated for couriers. 

The customer can see and operate the services offered by the locker and the rate related to them through a touchscreen installed on the lockers (On grid) or by downloading an application (Off grid).

It will be stated that the Done solution is also environmental: Some of the locker utilize electricity from solar panels and their usage reduces the deliveries and transportation scopes and allows the delivery of packages outside of rush hours.

So far Done placed more than 120 lockers in convenient and available places such as office buildings, commercial centers and also residential towers and offices, as part of the mix of smart services to residents and employees. By the end of the year, with the aid of the money which was raised, the national layout of lockers should raise to 500 lockers, all available for use 24/7. Also, an extension of the services offered in the lockers is expected, i.e., a repair service for phones. In the future, with the aid of additional fundings, the company intends to extend its operation overseas and to bring to other countries the news about the independent delivery services and the advanced logistic solutions.   

“Today the expectation is for a maximum of comfort, accessibility and proximity of maximum of services”, says Yevgeny Kenpel, a founder and partner in the company. “The smart lockers of Done save time and resources, take care of the little assignments and ease life”.