EcoFlow to launch in Israel its innovative solar power station

Mobile power company EcoFlow has launched its brand-new product lines of sustainable, smart, portable solar power stations to the Israeli market. The company aims to positively disrupt the way Israelis think about electricity consumption. 

EcoFlow products are highly suitable for both in-home and outdoor usage and range in size and outage. Indoors, the portable power stations have the ability to power everything from mobile devices to entire homes, lowering the necessity to stay dependent on the national grid. Meanwhile, in an outside setting, the portable electricity supply can be used for anything from cooking equipment to a speaker system, eradicating the need for diesel generators or other less sustainable options.

EcoFlow has been recognized by TIME magazine for its pioneering product development, with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Portable Power Station named in the prestigious media’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021, in the Sustainability category. The annual list honors the 100 inventions “that are making the world better, smarter, and even a bit more fun.”

Power stations from EcoFlow include remote control access via the EcoFlow App, allowing the user to check the status of their apparatus from anywhere, at any time. Engineers at EcoFlow designed pioneering technology “X-Stream” which creates an efficient, superfast charging capacity when compared to similar products on the market – less than half the time of the closest competitor (under 2 hours vs. over 5 hours). 

EcoFlow’s power stations come in two distinct lines – RIVER and DELTA. The RIVER series includes four smaller, easy-to-carry power stations, weighing between 2.85kg and 7.6kg and holding from 210Wh to 1440Wh of capacity with an extra battery. In contrast, the DELTA series consists of heavier-duty power stations with wheels for easy mobility – even for the largest DELTA Pro – ranging from 10.7kg to 45kg with a capacity from 882Wh to 3600Wh. These All options include several AC outlets and are chargeable either with equipped solar panels, from an AC outlet or even a car charger when necessary, giving the consumer a power solution for all situations. 

EcoFlow’s pioneering solutions have the capability to reduce the carbon footprint of individuals, retailers, or companies by simply unplugging a few devices and appliances. Jenny Zhang, Global Marketing Director of EcoFlow, says: “We created EcoFlow to help combat the rising issues of climate change and increasing global carbon emissions. As the world has started to recognize the major impact fossil fuels have on our global ecology problem and has begun moving towards renewable energy sources, we want to empower the public to use solar energy efficiently and at low cost, to significantly improve the environment.”