InnoWave Group expands its Israeli Operations

InnoWave Group, a US-based company, is expanding its operations in Israel and will open a new office in Tel-aviv, at the beginning of 2020. According to Miki Peer, Founder and CEO of InnoWave, following the success of its activities in Israel started a year ago, the group has decided to play a bigger role in the local market. “At the same time, we are strengthening our Artificial Intelligence offer and launching a large scale recruitment campaign of AI experts,” said Peer.

InnoWave was founded 10 years ago in the US to develop Electro-optics payloads for UAV systems in use by the the DoD and US Air Force. The group re-shaped it businesses about two years ago to become a global provider of engineering devices services include embedded system’s design services in special areas of expertise, such as Embedded Software, Artificial Intelligence, FPGA, ASIC design, Power systems, Optics and RF. The company works in many segments of the high-tech industry, beyond the defense market.

AI development projects

“InnoWave is an official business partner of Arrow Electronics, Analog Devices, Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Osram and more. Our business model is service oriented: We provide business consulting services and development support both in hardware and software development projects. The company’s main target market is in the US and is focusing its efforts on AI based on Intel Movidius-based AI developments and we support Nvidia-based AI development projects.”

Recently, InnoWave recruited Roger Edgar, former NXP US business development director for embedded software and hardware, mainly Computer Vision, AI and Machine Learning. Roger took the position of InnoWave’s business development Director in the United States. In Israel, the group is paying special attention to the local vibrating community of startup companies. Shlomo Pergament, former VP for business and finance in the local Bank Leumi, joined InnoWave’s Israeli operations to head the financial and business consulting services for local startup companies.

Today, the company is collaborating with Arrow Electronics Israel, in building a local community of Makers, Entrepreneurs and Startups. “The community is expected to reach 5,000 members. Our target is to build the bridge to the innovation, to set up a new platform which accumulate knowledge and generate in-depth insights about the global high tech industry, Investors, provide an engineering consultancy, market penetration and many more,“ said Peer.

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