Innoviz and Sol Chip to assist Digital Transformation of Japan’s Postal Service

Japan Post will use the technologies of the Israeli companies Innoviz and Sol Chip, to accelerate its digital transformation and to assist in its efforts to minimize the carbon footprint of its operations. Innoviz’s LiDAR sensor will be used by Japan Post to compose digital maps of its mail delivery and parcel routes, which will be the future infrastructure for autonomous vehicles. Sol chip’s IoT chip, fed merely by the sun energy, will assist the post company in real time monitoring of parcel location and make the process of deliveries collection more efficient. 

Japan Post is a private corporation, supervised by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of  Communication. In addition to postal services, it provides banking services, insurance and logistics. The cooperation of the two Israeli companies with Japan Post was promoted by the early-stage venture firm, Scrum Ventures, which promotes collaborations between start-ups and Japanese corporations, especially in the field is Smart City. 

Within the frame of the collaboration with Innoviz, Japan Post will install InnovizOne LiDAR sensors on their postal delivery cars. During the ride, the sensors will gather information regarding changes in roads and buildings along delivery routes and based on this information the system will generate a  regional 3D image. Later, this information will be used for the construction of 3D maps that will generate smart city services such as autonomous driving and unmanned delivery. Innoviz and Japan Post carried out a Proof Of Concept (POC), and are preparing for the initiation of the project. This is one of the first projects where LiDAR sensors are used for 3D mapping.  

Harvest energy from the sun 

Sol Chip Company was founded in 2009 by Dr. Shani Keysar and developed solar micro-battery providing energy for wireless and mobile IoT devices. The battery “harvests” its energy from the sun light and is intended to provide clean alternative to traditional chemical batteries. The solution is composed of solar cell, battery and energy management chip that provides the ability to operate low-consumption devices such as wireless sensors and similar devices. 

The chip includes a designated communication components that sends and receives data from the cloud, where the data is processed with AI-based algorithm for further insights construction. Within the cooperation with Japan Post, Sol Chip’s devices will also provide telemetry data for consumers.