New $80 Million Israel-Korea Fund

Photo above: Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd

 OurCrowd was recently selected by the South Korean government to co-manage a bilateral investment fund that will invest in startups in both countries. The fund’s target is $80 million, $48 million of which has already been raised by the Korean partners of the fund: NH Venture Investment and by Korea Growth Investment Corporation (K-Growth), an agency of the Korean government. OurCrowd is currently raising funds from its over 240K registered investors worldwide.

The fund is jointly managed by NH Venture Investment and OurCrowd General Partner as co-GPs. It will invest in 25-30 startups in both countries that focus in core technology sectors, such as semiconductors, robotics, automotive, quantum computing, cybersecurity, digital health, and more. Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd, said that apart from the fund’s investments, “Israeli DeepTech companies will receive direct access to the South Korean industrial giants and will be able to forge collaborations on a global scale. “

South Korea’s economy is the 13th largest in the world and the fourth largest in Asia. Its gross domestic product grew by 4.1% in 2021. South Korea is also the 5th largest industrial manufacturer in the world after China, the United States, Japan, and Germany, and the world’s #2 investor in R&D as a percentage of GDP (#1 in this category is Israel). OurCrowd is an online global venture investing platform consists of over 240,000 registered members from 195 countries.Founded by CEO Jon Medved in 2013, OurCrowd has grown rapidly into the world’s leading position with 440 portfolio companies and over $2.3 billion in commitments as of 2024).