OpTeamizer to help companies integrate OpenAI-based technologies

OpTeamizer, an Israel-based company that offers AI solutions and consulting services to R&D centers and startups, has announced a new suite of services in the field of generative AI.

The offerings are intended for international R&D centers as well as for startups looking for effective ways to integrate and implement technologies based on the platforms of OpenAI, developer of chatbot ChatGPT. The services will enable implementation of existing applications or support the development of new applications by implementing OpenAI’s capabilities in their functionality. The new generative AI service suite includes consulting, development assistance, and developer training and courses.

OpTeamizer has launched the OpenAI service suite against the backdrop of an international race of thousands of companies worldwide striving to implement the functionality of OpenAI tools in their existing and future solutions, as Microsoft has done in its Bing search engine, in its Teams video conferencing platform and in its Viva Sales software.

Tomer Gal [pictured above], founder and CEO of OpTeamizer: “The competition in generative AI spans the global high-tech industry. It’s clear that anyone who’s quick to integrate the kind of capabilities offered by OpenAI into their applications will gain a huge market advantage. Time is therefore critical: there’s no time to reinvent the wheel and run wasteful experiments.”

Tomer adds: “Our service suite will help R&D centers and startups significantly shorten the implementation and development of OpenAI’s capabilities in their existing and future applications, lower development costs and. More importantly, it will help them feel confident that the product is of high commercial quality and accuracy, without the growing pains typical of applications in the field. This will help these companies quickly benefit from new sources of revenue in this new market, whose economic potential is huge.”

OpTeamizer is a Preferred Partner of NVIDIA, qualified to guide Israeli industry in the research and development of artificial intelligence systems, accelerated by NVIDIA’s GPUs and software libraries (SDKs). OpTeamizer also provides turnkey development services to businesses that adopt GPU solutions as they enter the world of AI.

Since 2015, OpTeamizer has provided a range of professional services and turnkey projects to over 100 R&D centers. OpTeamizer cooperates with industry leaders in homeland security, healthcare, industrial inspection, and many other fields. OpTeamizer was recently named an NVIDIA Embedded Edge Partner by NVIDIA and will provide consulting, development, and training services to NVIDIA customers around the world developing edge devices that use its NVIDIA Jetson platform.

OpTeamizer was founded in 2015 by Tomer Gal, one of Israel’s leading AI experts, who participated in strategic developments of Intel Israel and General Electric Israel. Tomer has an MSc in computer science specializing in software optimization, and is a member of the Israel Innovation Authority, which evaluates AI startups’ grant applications. He is also a lecturer in artificial intelligence at the Software Engineering Department of ORT Braude College of Engineering, and is also an NVIDIA certified lecturer.

OpTeamizer offers professional training for developers at R&D centers on NVIDIA’s development tools for the GPU environment, including courses such as CUDA C++, CUDA Python, CUDA for multiple GPUs, Deep Learning for computer vision, and Deep Learning for multiple data types.