Pangea appoints Jean-Michel Douieb as Head of Sales for Africa

Pangea IT, a leader in digital transformation for government, public sector, and enterprise organizations, announced today the appointment of Jean-Michel Douieb as Head of Sales for Africa. Douieb has served 25 years in large French high-tech companies mainly as a senior sales manager developing and expanding the presence of these companies in Africa.

Douieb spent more than eight years at Thales DIS (former Gemalto), where he also acted as Vice President of Sales for West and Central Africa. Douieb’s main responsibilities include the extension of Pangea’s presence in Africa, alongside deepening the relationships with African customers.

Douieb has vast experience as a sales executive, strategic business development manager and public affairs professional in an international and highly competitive environment. He has over 20 years’ experience of doing business in African countries, and deep knowledge of economic and political actors and situations in Africa. His track record includes over 14 years of experience in the telecommunication sector, and 10 years mainly in Secured ID, Big Data and Cybersecurity.

Pangea has significant experience in digital transformation for governments and public sector organizations in Africa. Among many deals that Pangea won in multiple African countries is a new governmental contract valued over $70M in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As part of the project, Pangea will develop and operate an advanced criminal biometric system to generate Certificates of Integrity (Certificates of Non-Criminal Record) for Congo’s citizens. The project will be carried out based on a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) basis.

“Jean-Michel Douieb brings valuable experience, knowledge and contacts for our business in Africa,” said Rafi Kaminer, CEO and co-founder of Pangea. “Around one billion people in the world cannot prove their identity. As a result, they are cut off from vital services including healthcare, social protection, education, and finance. The majority live in the developing world and more than a third are children who are unregistered. To solve this problem in Africa and globally, Pangea is bringing inclusive digital transformation to the populations who can benefit from it the most.”

“I am delighted to join the ranks of Pangea in order to bring cutting-edge digital transformation to Africa,” noted Jean-Michel Douieb, Pangea’s new Head of Sales for Africa. “Contrary to what is usually thought, digital transformation is crucial for the development of emerging economies in Africa. For example, being able to identify the citizens properly can allow the population to receive social benefits and improve governments’ efficiency. This is also a way for the countries to optimize their expenditures and reinforce safety and security.”

Pangea wins Andorran government international tender for providing new e-Passport system

Pangea IT, which specializes in the digital transformation of government, public and business services, has won the Andorran government’s international tender to design the country’s new passport system and deliver a complete system for issuing e-Passports for the residents of the European country.

Pangea will provide a system that meets all standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The project involves providing systems for registering passport applications that include demographic and biometric information, planning and implementing verification processes and data encryption, alongside with designing, producing, and printing the new e-Passports. The passport holder’s personal information will be encoded in the passport’s chip and the document will implement the most advanced security features in the industry. The new e-Passport system is scheduled to be deployed by end of 2022 and will be implemented in cooperation with the Austrian company OSD.

Over the past two decades, Pangea has worked with numerous governments to supply digital solutions and establish digital population registries, allowing them to provide, for the first time, identity cards, birth and death certificates, passports, visas, driver licenses and other documents. The new document’s holders include tens of millions of unregistered residents who previously did not enjoy government services, nor even paid taxes. Among other achievements, Pangea has recently won a Jamaican government tender to update the country’s voter registry system.

Uzy Rozenthal, Senior Vice President, and Government Department General Manager at Pangea: “Winning the e-Passport project in Andorra is part of Pangea’s general momentum in the digitization of government services. Pangea’s selection attests to our ability to plan and integrate complex technological and logistical processes relating to sensitive documents like e-passports. Pangea is committed to developing and leveraging its capabilities in the digitization of government services for the benefit of countries around the world.”

[Pictured above: Uzy Rozenthal, Senior Vice President, and Government Department General Manager at Pangea]

Pangea wins Jamaican government international tender to build the country’s voter registry

Israeli-based Pangea IT, which specializes in the digital transformation of government and business services, has been awarded a tender from the Jamaican government to replace the biometric system for the country’s voter registry. The deal includes the complete build of an advanced biometric system, training and maintenance services.

As per the agreement, Pangea will provide the Electoral Commission of Jamaica with an integrated centralized biometric system. The solution will include installation, configuration, and commissioning of a multimodal automated biometric identification system (ABIS), based on two primary biometric identifiers: fingerprints and facial images, and all the attendant hardware and software components. As part of the project, Pangea will provide software for dozens of nationwide biometric registration systems and support the solution’s integration with existing legacy systems of the Electoral Commission, like the Elector Registration System (ERS).

The system will support up to four million voters in Jamaica. To ensure robust election security and negate the potential for voter fraud such as duplicate votes, or deceased voters, the system will utilize advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based biometric technologies for identifying fingerprints and facial recognition. Further, Pangea is contracted by the Electoral Commission of Jamaica for five years, at which time it will provide continuous support and maintenance services.

Over the last two decades, Pangea has worked with many governments, providing digital solutions for their population registries. The projects have enabled these governments to digitally provide e-ID cards, birth and death certificates, passports, visas, driver’s licenses, and other documents to tens of millions of citizens for the first time. This includes delivering services to people who were previously not registered on government systems and were unable to benefit from government services, pay taxes and benefit from the opportunities of social inclusion.

“In the past year, we have expanded our digital government services to Central American countries looking to advanced technologies to help them close the digital divide between them and their citizens,” says Uzy Rozenthal, Senior Vice President and Government Department Manager at Pangea. “Our team is already operating in Panama, Ecuador, and Guatemala, where we have signed several agreements and are actively looking to recruit country managers and sales and marketing staff.”

Following its success in Jamaica, Pangea is planning a more aggressive expansion into the South American market, a market that deals with similar challenges to their government counterparts in Central America and Africa.

Pangea assists Liberty Latin America in protecting its employees against the spread of COVID-19

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Israel’s Pangea, which specializes in digital transformation of government and business services, will supply workplace protection systems to Liberty Latin America, one of the leading communications companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Pangea multi-sensor solution integrates thermal imaging, video analytics and biometric access control technologies for screening large volumes of people entering buildings and public spaces.

The agreement calls for supplying thermal imaging systems for installation at various locations in Latin America and the Caribbean, where Liberty Latin America operates. Initial deployments have been completed at the company’s offices in Panama, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Miami. Pangea has carried out similar installations at corporations in Israel and in Europe.

“Our integrated solution will provide Liberty Latin America with a means of monitoring the health of its employees and visitors entering their offices in order to help manage the spread and reduce the incidence of COVID-19,” says Assaf Kaminer (pictured above), Executive Vice President at Pangea. He adds that “biometric and thermal imaging technologies have been catching on rapidly following the South Korean success in flattening the infection curve.”

Pangea IT is a trusted global supplier of digital identity, security, and e-Payment solutions. The company specializes in the digital transformation of government services and enterprise business operations. Pangea’s technology solutions simplify e-government procedures; improve availability and accessibility to public services, and increase public sector efficiency, governance, and transparency. The company’s portfolio includes dozens of large-scale, public sector digital identity projects and millions of authenticated documents, certificates, and personal identity cards. Pangea maintains regional offices worldwide, and a research and development center located at the company headquarters in Israel.