RealView brings Holography to the Clinics

RealView Imaging announced the completion of its $10M series C financing round. New investors in this round include OurCrowd, Judith and Kobi Richter and other notable investors. Dr. Kobi Richter, Founder and Chairman of Medinol, and Prof. Michael Eldar, former Director of the Cardiology Institute at Sheba Medical Center, joined the company’s Board of Directors as part of this closing.

“We are now focused on the commercialization of the HOLOSCOPE™-i system, initially in North America and in Europe,” said Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, RealView’s Chairman of the Board. “By incorporating medical holography into routine clinical workflow, we expect to revolutionize the way clinicians engage with 3D medical imaging.”

RealView pioneered the field of Holography Guided Interventions, introducing the HOLOSCOPE™-i – the first and only system that creates true 3D volumetric holograms from medical imaging data. The HOLOSCOPE™-i enables physicians to view and directly interact with hyper-realistic 3D holograms of the patient’s actual anatomy, which float in free space at hands reach during interventional procedures.

Real-time modelling without Headaches

Today’s most Augmented Reality solutions are used mainly for training because they typically give headaches with prolonged use, as they merely project a 2D picture per eye with a mismatch between the apparent location of the image and the visual focus location. RealView’s Digital Light Shaping technology uses true interference-based holography to generate 3D holograms. It receive any 3D input data, compute interference-patterns, generate the holograms using Spatial Light Modulators to shape the light and allow direct interaction using advanced sensors, all in real-time.

The company was founded by Aviad KaufmanShaul Gelman and Prof. Carmel Rotschild, with a seed investment led by Dr. Shimon Eckhouse. It owns a strong IP portfolio of 35 patents filed and 21 granted. In 2019 the company unveiled its first installation of the HOLOSCOPE™-i commercial configuration at Toronto General Hospital. In addition, RealView was the first-ever to perform a clinical study to evaluate the feasibility of live 3D holographic imaging in a clinical setting, which was conducted in collaboration with Philips Healthcare and Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Israel.