Revealense Introduces AI Platform for Analyzing Human Behavior in Videos

[Revealense team. Credit: Eyal Toueg]

Israeli startup company Revealense has unveiled a groundbreaking AI-based technology platform called illuminator, designed to identify the behavioral DNA of individuals using video analysis. The system has the potential to transform decision-making processes for managers, investigators, psychologists, and researchers by providing high-quality bias-free and precise insights, with accuracy rates of up to 92%. The technology is a significant advancement in the analysis of human behavior and has been patented for several breakthroughs in the field.

Founded in November 2021 by Dov Donin, the CEO, Revealense has assembled a team of experts in psychology, neuropsychology, mathematics, AI, computer vision, and neural networks.

Every individual possesses unique personality lines and emotional and cognitive responses like a fingerprint. The illuminator system utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze the behavior of individuals captured on video, whether live or recorded. It can accurately identify the specific context of the video, such as a job interview, credibility check, investigation of a hostile person, or diagnosis of a mental state, and activate the appropriate algorithms for the situation.

The system also provides real-time monitoring of physiological characteristics, such as changes in skin pigmentation, blood flow, pulse, voice, eye blinking, facial expressions, and signs of neural discharge. These indicators allow the system to assess the emotional and mental state of the individual and identify the specific content that triggered a nervous reaction or stress.

The technology produces a unique “mental DNA signature” of the individual, enabling managers, investigators, psychologists, and researchers to make bias free, fair, accurate, and high-quality decisions. Unlike other solutions on the market, illuminator integrates a neural network that cross-references various parameters to verify findings, ensuring consistency and calibration of results. This approach addresses the limitations of existing solutions that track only one or a few indices without mutual checking between them.

Because illuminator incorporates ethical, responsible, and fair AI that neutralizes cultural influences, it provides unbiased insights without the influence of geographic region, religion, language, nationality, or race. The technology used is a breakthrough in the analysis of human behavior and has been patented for several innovations in this field.

“AI provides new opportunities for improving the lives of people around the world. However, existing AI solutions often base their analysis on inaccurate and missing data leads. With illuminator, we provide a comprehensive solution for identifying behavioral profiles and personality characteristics of individuals. This gives decision-makers powerful tools to understand others and make accurate, fair, and equitable decisions,” said Dov Donin, the founder and CEO of Revealense. “The system is easy to implement through a cloud service model (SaaS) and can scale according to any need. For example, it can examine the development of mental trauma, identify the potential for violence, diagnose reliability, and many other use cases.”

Due to the need for a responsible way of analyzing human behavior, Revealense already has several customers around the world, with significant growth potential in several market segments.

For mental health institutions, Revealense identifies mental states, assists in the treatment process, and identifies causes of trauma and anxiety. This market is expected to grow by 30% annually to reach $20 billion in the US by 2027.

Homeland security organizations can use the illuminator platform to fulfil several requirements. These include interrogation rooms and remote checking of people’s reliability and profiles. This market is expected to reach $20 billion in the US by 2025.

With a 550% increase in deep fake attacks since 2019, the reputational and financial damage caused by these videos is significant. In the US, the cyber defense market against deep fake content is expected to reach $40 billion by 2030 across governmental, media, finance, and other industry segments.

Revealense’s illuminator technology is poised to make a significant impact in these markets, providing valuable insights and solutions for a wide range of applications.