Rothenberger selected 3D Signals Digitization Platform

The Israeli 3D Signals, which has developed a solution for digitization of manufacturing facilities, a strategic partnership with the German based Rothenberger Group, a producer of  pipe tools and pipe machining tools. The group has selected the 3d Signals Asset Performance Monitoring solution for the digitization of its production floor. The 3D Signals sensors and edge computer will be installed on critical assets in order to collect real-time data for the improvement of machine availability and productivity.

Founded in the late 1940s, Rotenberger Group currently constitutes of about 65 companies and factories for the production of equipment, machinery and parts for the plumbing and pipe industry. Its revenues in 2019 amounted to 350 million Euros and it employs about 8,000 employees. 3D Signals estimates that the partnership may lead to the installation of its sensors in thousands of machines across the group’s affiliates facilities.

3D Signals’ VP Marketing, Danya Golan, told Techtime that it seems the industry has recovered from the initial shock of the Covid-19 eruption. “We are seeing an increasing demand for digitization in the manufacturing sector, as more and more production floors managers acknowledge the importance of real-time production data to streamline and successfully adapt to changes in demand and prices, especially when the production is required to be managed remotely during lockdown.”

3D Signals was founded in 2015 and has raised $26 million to date. It has developed a plug & play machine digitization solution that enables machines to be network connected in just a few hours. Using non-invasive sensors, such as a current transformer or an acoustic sensors and an edge data acquisition system, its solution collects signals from the machine and generates valuable insights on a cloud-based monitoring system, complete with live views, reports and alerts.