Exclusive: Fujitsu to Adopt and Distribute SCADAfence

Fujitsu of Japan is about to enter a strategic partnership with SCADAfence from Tel aviv for the adoption and distribution of a comprehensive cyber security solution for industrial Operational Networks (ICS/SCADA), developed by SCADAfence. Techtime has learned that the joint venture will initially address the Japanese market, but both companies plan also to go worldwide during the next phase of their partnership.

Japan is an industrial superpower and its manufacturing capacity is ranked third following China and the US. As so, it constitutes an important market for OT cyber solutions. Elad Ben-Meir, CEO of SCADAfence, told Techtime that Japanese manufacturers are experiencing digitization transformation process. “We are witnessing a broad adoption of cyber solutions in local manufacturing facilities,” he said.

TSMC’s Attack awakened the Semiconductor Industry

SCADAfence Platform continuously monitors OT networks and applies industrial-specific protocol analysis and algorithms to provide visibility, risk management, and threat detection. The non-intrusive platform automatically discovers all assets in the OT environment. It analyzes the ongoing communications and applies various algorithms to accurately understand the communication patterns within the OT environment enabling it to detect suspicious activities and deviations that can jeopardize operational continuity.

“Our competitors focus mainly on distributed industrial networks, such as Electricity Grids, which consists of simpler isolated units. We are dealing with more complex and large-scale networks incorporating tens of thousands of devices connected in a single network. The cyber attack that affected TSMC’s facility (August, 2018) increased the awareness for OT security in the semiconductor industry. We have semiconductor customers, but they prefer to keep their cyber security measures undisclosed.”

Meanwhile, the company expects that Smart Buildings and Smart Cities will be a key markets: SCADA networks are increasingly incorporated in smart utilities networks, such as water pumps, gas pipes, electricity grids, air conditioners, heating systems, security measures and more. Mitsui Fudosan, a major real estate developer in Japan, will use SCADAfence to secure its critical facilities and building management systems (BMS) and NRI Secure will secure manufacturing, critical infrastructure, and smart buildings in Japan.