Techaya and Enercon launched VPX switches for military embedded modules

Techaya, an Enercon Technologies group company, launched a new family of VPX communication modules that are SOSA-aligned. The standard regulates power and communication interfaces between embedded modules within military platforms and generates compatibility between components and systems of various manufacturers. The standard, originally from the avionics sector, was adopted by most of the U.S. military branches. 

The new communication boards are being used as a principal switch which connects all the different devices of the system, and through which the communication traffic is being directed. To date, the company issued modules with 3 different data speeds – 1, 10 and 40 gigabit, and plans to bring to market, in 2022, a 100-gigabit module, which is the fastest speed for a VPX protocol. The company is reporting first orders from two customers, for a radar system and a marine/naval project. In parallel, the company taps into different tenders in the United States and reports much interest in the product. 

One of the advantages of the new product line stems from the synergy between Techaya and Enercon. During January 2021, Enercon, a well-known company developing power supplies to the military sector, acquired Techaya, where one of the goals of the merger was to provide its clients combined solutions, which are based on the solutions of both companies. 

In the military market segment, integration between systems of different manufacturers might be complex and require additional development. The joint company offers coupled solutions of communication and power supply that have structured compatibility, a feature which accelerates fast system readiness processes of the wholesome solution by the client. 

Udi Palgi, VP R&D of the company explained to Techtime: “up until today, we have developed on-demand VPX boards. Now, we bring to market a designated product line. Since Enercon has the power supplies that are SOSA-aligned, it enables us to provide an integrated system compliant with the standard. In reality, it is a highly flexible platform which enables the client to carry out the integration and the development at a fast pace”. Enercon Technology group offers communication and power supply solutions for advanced C3 (Command Control and Communication) systems both as off-the-shelf products and as designated development for customers in Israel and in the international market.