Tactical Radars of RADA Gain Momentum

RADA Electronic Industries from NETANYA, Israel, is emerging as a Radar company following series of orders for its tactical radar systems. During June 2019, the company received $7 million in new orders, most of them to be delivered in 2019. Out of these new orders, five million are for RADA’s software-defined AESA  (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radars for counter UAV and vehicle protection.

Two million are follow-on orders for RADA’s legacy avionics, including digital video recorders, core avionics units, and ongoing maintenance services. In total, the accumulated value of new orders for the first half of 2019 is $26 Million. It also includes approximately $5 million new orders of AESA radars aimed to be embedded in counter-UAV systems.

Dov Sella, RADA’s CEO, said that radars are the company’s growth engine. “The solid momentum of new orders, especially for our tactical radars for the maneuver force, is ensuring the 2019 revenues forecast of over $40 million which implies growth of over 40% year-over-year, driven primarily by sales of tactical radars. It also gives us confidence that growth will continue in 2020.”

RADA’s Compact and Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radars are software-defined, AESA, configurable radar platforms, in a small form factor aimed to be used in a variety of missions. Among them detecting of all types of aerial vehicles (including UAVs of all groups) and missiles, rockets and mortars. Active Protection Solutions for Combat Vehicles and Hostile Fire Location Systems by detecting and tracking Rockets, Artillery, Mortars, ATGMs, RPGs, Low-QE Rockets and Small Arms, and border and perimeter surveillance systems.