UVeye to open a manufacturing facility in the United States

The Tel Aviv based UVeye, which develops digital scanning systems for the automotive industry, has begun to set up its operations across the United States. The company announced plans to open sales and business development offices in Ohio and New York in the next four months. Now it is exploring several of possible locations, including Michigan and Texas, for the establishment of a production facility in 2021.

UVeye has its sights set on the automotive aftermarket industry, including auto dealerships, licensed garages, vehicle inspection stations and used car lots. UVeye’s marketing director Yaron Saghiv told Techtime: “This is a large market, and we believe it could generate orders for tens of thousands of systems. This is why we also want to manufacture in the United States.”

UVeye has developed three mobile digital systems that perform scans from multiple angles while driving and automatically diagnose various aspects of the vehicle’s status using computer vision technology. The Artemis system scans the vehicle’s tires from the side and detects abrasion, low tire pressure, tread wear sidewall flaws; the Atlas system performs an overall, 360-degree scan of the vehicle and detects sheet-metal defects and mechanical malfunctions such as oil leaks and brake problems; and the Helios system scans the car’s undercarriage and detects suspicious objects.

The company was founded in 2016 by the CEO Amir Hever and by Ohad Hever. It has already secured strategic collaborations with several international automakers, including Volvo and Toyota, which have also invested in the company. Volvo even installed one of the company’s systems in its manufacturing plant near Gothenburg, for the purpose of identifying manufacturing defects. The Israeli public transport company Kavim also installed a number of UVeye systems in their car parks.