Verto Launches Online Service for AI-driven 3D Product Visualization

Verto, the AI-based startup and 3D imaging innovator, announced today the expansion of its AI-driven 3D product visualization solution, making it commercially available to customers across various industries. A growing business with a proven track record in jewelry and eyewear imaging, the company’s expansion will help online retailers, e-commerce companies, web developers, and product developers, to dramatically reduce the time, effort, and cost of 3D imaging for use on websites and digital catalogs.

Using advanced AI-based imaging techniques, Verto fully recreates a product, whether it is a piece of jewelry, shoes, eyewear, or another product. The software renders and creates a fully-fledged 3D object, including a 360-degrees video image of any item from just a few pictures taken from any smartphone. Users of the service upload either photographs or CAD files to Verto’s website, where once processed will be altered to a fully rendered 3D video for immediate use. It is a simple shoot, upload, download three-step process.

Vetro’s growing customer base includes jewelry companies such as 77 Diamonds, Israel Diamond Exchange, and Martin Flyer, and now the company is expanding its footprint to eyewear and footwear, with early adopter customers such as

Verto is now collaborating with the Israeli Diamond Exchange. The joint venture will be conducted for two months, during which Verto will provide its service to small-scale jewelers who are members of the exchange. Verto’s solution has been recently recognized by the Israeli Diamond Institute as a cutting-edge solution for e-commerce product visualization.

“Consumer spending over the last two years has continued to shift into online due to lockdowns and changing of purchasing behaviors,” said Nadav Dadon, CEO and co-founder of Verto. “What we are offering is a way for e-tailers, designers, architects, and product development teams to offer a full 3D view of an item that consumers can literally inspect every corner of by rotating it in any angle. All without having to invest in costly photographers or 3D scanner equipment and software.”

A rapidly growing business, interest in Verto has been met with enthusiasm. The company recently completed seed funding, which it received from a group of private investors led by Chaim Chizik. This adds to the grants it has already received from the Israel Innovation Authority, totaling $3.5M in funding that it continues to invest in developing its software and systems.

While 3D solutions are not new, they take time, money, and skills to create, with specialized 3D artists and software costing tens of thousands of dollars. With Verto, the barrier to entry is almost zero, as users do not need to have any professional photographic knowledge, and the accuracy is superb. Additionally, Verto’s SaaS-based cloud offering can process a single item for use, or up to a full catalog of images. A popular application of its technology allows a consumer to virtually engage with the 3D product online and change the colors, textures, and elements of an item – in essence customizing the product to meet their personal preference.

“The need for affordable 3D visualization technology is driving the demand for smart solutions that require minimal effort from the customer. There are almost no companies that can automatically create 3D content at the speed and precision that Verto can,” added Nadav Dadon.

“ has always been focused on using tech to deliver breakthrough customer experiences,” noted Hila Shtram, Chief Design Officer at “Verto is an ideal partner to enhance and offer a transformative way for our customers to purchase sunglasses online.”

The Verto imaging services can be available and purchased via a SaaS-based licensing or subscription model. Pricing is determined via the size of an organization and the number of deliverables required and is suitable for both SMBs and enterprise customers. Verto was founded in 2017 by Didi Dvash (CTO) and Nadav Dadon (CEO).