CEVA Invests $10 Million in Strategic Partnership With Immervision

CEVA has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Immervision from Montreal, Canada that includes $10 million technology investment from CEVA, and securing exclusive licensing rights to Immervision’s image processing and sensor fusion software for wide-angle cameras.

Immervision is a developer and licensor of wide-angle lenses and image processing technologies, with special expertise in software technologies that remove the inherent distortions associated with the use of wide-angle cameras, particularly at the edges of the frame. Immervision’s technologies have shipped in more than 50 million devices of costumers such as Acer, Dahua, Garmin, Hanwha, Lenovo, Motorola, Quanta, Sony and Vivotek.

Under the partnership agreement, CEVA made a $10 million technology investment to secure exclusive licensing rights to Immervision’s portfolio of patented wide-angle image processing technology and software. This includes real-time adaptive dewarping, stitching, image color and contrast enhancement, and electronic image stabilization. CEVA will also license Immervision’s Data-in-Picture proprietary technology, which integrates within each video frame fused sensory data, such as that offered by Hillcrest Labs (a business recently acquired by CEVA).

Immervision’s hardware-agnostic software portfolio will continue to be offered for all System-on-Chip (SoC) platforms containing a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and in a power-optimized version for SoCs containing the CEVA-XM4 or CEVA-XM6 vision DSPs. Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA, said that with the combination of Immervision’s CEVA’s , “we are lowering the entry barriers for semiconductor providers and OEM customers into this space.”