REE Emerged From Stealth Mode with High-tech Wheels

If you ask REE from Tel aviv what is different in the car of the future, it will probably say that new electric cars need new electric wheels. Last week the company emerged from its stealth mode with a revolutionary flat and modular platform, based on a new design of the traditional wheels. By integrating all of the components formerly found under the hood of the car into the wheel, REE offers optimal freedom of design and multiple body configurations on a single platform. It also reduces vehicle size and weight, and increases energy efficiency.

REE’s engineers had placed the motor, steering, suspension, drive train, sensing systems, brakes, thermal systems and electronics into the wheel. This design provides a low center of gravity to maximize efficiency and supports the vehicle’s agility and stability. It drastically reduces a vehicle’s footprint, weight, and improves both energy efficiency and performance.

According to the company, its technology provides the basis of any type of vehicle from a high-performance car able to do 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds to an off-road SUV with advanced active suspension technology. The platform can also be used as the base of a robotaxi or even a 10-ton cross country truck. “Until now, the industry has operated by making incremental improvements on the traditional design,” said Daniel Barel, Co-Founder and CEO of REE. “At REE, we believe that in order to hasten the automotive revolution we need to reinvent the wheel – quite literally.”

REE is already collaborating with leading OEMs and Tier-1/Tier-2 automotive companies including Mitsubishi Corporation, Musashi Seimitsu Industry, Tenneco, American Axle, FCA and NSK. Mitsubishi Corporation commented, “We can see REE’s technology has huge potential in the autonomous driving world, as it makesthe electrification process highly efficient with its new modular platform.”