Toyota chooses Electreon’s Wireless Charging Technology

26 March, 2023

Toyota and Denso will integrate the wireless charging technology into new EV cars released to the market, and will develop aftermarket wireless kits for current vehicles

Photo above: Totota’s RAV4 car on Electreon’s Wireless Charging Road

Toyota, Denso and  Electreon Wireless agreed to jointly develop an advanced wireless vehicle receiver based on Electreon’s technology for use in Electric Vehicles. The agreement follows a successful technology evaluation conducted by Toyota and Denso at Electreon’s headquarters in Beit Yanai, Israel. A demonstration of the RAV4-PHEV charging on the wireless road was held at the conclusion of the evaluation.

The parties intend to promote technical development and adoption of wireless charging technology through various joint activities: co-development of an aftermarket wireless kit for current electrified vehicles to utilize wireless charging technology today; integration of the wireless technology into new cars released to the market; collaboration to shape the standardization of wireless EV charging; collaboratively promote a joint pilot project in Japan, the U.S. or the EU, including commercial proof of business.

Toyota announced that dynamic wireless charging technology will will help to solve some issues related to electrified vehicles, by reducing the battery size required in an EV or extend relative driving range. This technology may also help to distribute power demand more evenly, reducing the load on the grid and making it easier to incorporate renewable energy sources. Denso said that”Being greatly impressed to discover the extent of Electreon’s innovation and technology maturity, the company eagerly anticipates combining its expertise with Electreon’s innovative technology to take wireless charging to the next level.”

The building of Electreon's Inductive Wireless Charging Road
The building of Electreon’s Inductive Wireless Charging Road

Oren Ezer, CEO and Co-founder of Electreon, said: “This partnership will make wireless charging accessible to a diverse and wide range of drivers and will demonstrate the many benefits of wireless charging as a cost-effective clean solution for charging EVs as well as a catalyst in reducing EVs’ carbon footprint.” Within the next few months, the Parties will execute a detailed joint development agreement for all the joint activities mentioned above.

Electreon has developed a wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). The company’s proprietary inductive technology dynamically (while in motion) and statically (while stopped) charges EVs quickly and safely. Electreon collaborates with cities and fleet operators on a “sale” business model, and on a Charging as a Service (CaaS) business model.

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