Tyco to invest in ContinUse Sensing Technology

24 May, 2016

The Israeli startup is developing a remote biometrics identification system. Tyco intends to integrate the novel technology it its smart home environment apps

 The Israeli startup is developing a remote biometrics identification system. Tyco intends to integrate the novel technology it its smart home environment apps


Tyco Innovation ,the innovation branch of American security systems company Tyco, will invest in ContinUse Biometrics, an Israeli startup developing remote biometric technologies. The Israeli startup has developed an optical sensor enabling remote biometrics identification. The sensor will be integrated into Tyco smart home environment products. Tyco is a global giant operating in more than 200 countries across the globe, with a total turnover of more than $10 billion. This is Tyco’s first strategic investment in Israel.

ContinUse’s biometric sensor conducts continuous remote measurement of bio-medical parameters by analyzing electromagnetic oscillation emitted by the examined subject. As these biomedical parameters are individually unique, they allow biometric recognition as well as supplying relevant physical information such as heartbeat rate, muscle activity and blood pressure. It seems that Tyco – a security company – was drawn to the technology due the fact that it can supply solutions for management and security issues in smart environments and homes. For example – remote biometric identification can be the answer for large-scale sensitive working places, requiring the identification of vast numbers of employees and visitors.

ContinUse’s technology advisor is Prof. Zeev Zalevsky, a professor of electrical engineering at Bar Ilan University and leading expert in Optoelectronics. Zalevsky created over 50 patents. Amongst others, he developed the “Opto-phone” – a device that detects long distance sound vibrations turning these into words. Asher Polani is the young company’s CEO, he previously served as CEO and FTS and Finjan.

ContinUse was founded in 2015 based on technology developed as a cooperation between the Bar Ilan, Israel and Valencia University in Spain. The company joined Tyco Innovation’s first commercialization cycle half a year ago. Leno and Olive Tree Ventures have invested in the Israeli startup as well.

Tyco Innovation Tel Aviv GM

On the lookout for innovative security solutions

Tyco Innovation has recently announced its plan to open numerous innovation centers around the world – of these, two are already operational, in Tel- Aviv and in California. “Tyco’s innovation centers will be at the heart of this drive, combining local vibrant startup cultures with Tyco’s expertise and global business to spur growth through innovation. We plan to partner with or invest in the most promising startups with successful pilots, bringing new disruptive technologies to Tyco’s products and services portfolio,” said  Daryll Fogal, Tyco’s Chief Technology Officer.

Tyco Innovation Tel Aviv general manager Eli Gorovici said that “Israel is a security an Iot and smart home solutions hub , and this is why Tyco innovation is constantly increasing its activity in Israel. From the launch of our commercialization program, the founding of an investment fund and our first strategic investment”.

Tyco Innovation’s six-month acceleration program comprises a Tyco-funded roadshow and introduction to relevant Tyco business units, collaboration with Tyco’s industry experts and/or customers, co-specification of project scope and pilot program, and implementation of the pilot for several months with Tyco’s guidance and mentoring.

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