Audio Pixels and TowerJazz cooperate in production of high performance MEMS-based loudspeaker chip

21 July, 2016

The new, mass produced chip will enable the production of minuscule ultra-high performance loudspeakers. Audio Pixels Holding stocks surged following the announcement

The new, mass produced chip will enable the production of minuscule ultra-high performance loudspeakers. Audio Pixels Holding stocks surged following the announcement

akp_chip_1euro-300x116Specialty foundry TowerJazz announced it was chosen by loudspeaker technologies developer Audio Pixels to mass produce its first generation high performance MEMS-based loudspeaker chip. According to Audio Pixels, the silicon chip loudspeaker is expected to introduce an entirely new generation of groundbreaking device applications that exceed the sound performance specifications and design demands of the world’s consumer electronics, industrial and medical device manufacturers.

Audio Pixel’s patented technologies employ new techniques to generate sound waves directly from a digital audio stream using low cost micro-electromechanical structures (MEMS) rather than conventional loudspeaker elements. This innovation enables the production of speaker products that deliver performance that  according to the company, is many orders of magnitude better than conventional speaker technologies, all in an affordable package that is only one millimetre thick.

TowerJazz was chosen as a manufacturing partner for Audio Pixels due to its vast experience with MEMS technology, including particle free deep silicon etch technology and thick films with controlled low stress. The Israeli specialty foundry is an ideal partner for this project due to its ability to move quickly from development to mass production while providing strong project support and insight from its vast experience in servicing large consumer electronics customers.

“TowerJazz has a dedicated team with the proven technology and design enablement capabilities to meet our advanced process requirements for high performance, quality and technological support for our revolutionary product,” says Shay Kaplan, Audio Pixels Chief Scientist. ”In addition, their demonstrated commitment to provide expansive capacity and multi-fab sourcing makes TowerJazz an ideal partner to augment our future mass production requirements.”

TowerJazz provides world-class “Foundry MEMS Enablement” solutions which combine rapid implementation and ramp-up high volume production of both 150mm and 200mm MEMS manufacturing capabilities. “Audio Pixels’ MEMS-based loudspeaker is expected to have a significant impact on the multitude of industries and applications that currently consume billions of analog loudspeakers,” says Nachi Vofsy, Director of R&D at TowerJazz. “We are extremely pleased to be Audio Pixels’ foundry of choice for MEMS manufacturing to address these vast market opportunities.”

The Australian connection

Audio Pixels Limited, founded in 2006, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Audio Pixels Holdings Limited, listed in Australia. The company has recently completed a financing round of $6.8 million from private and institutional investors. Amongst the investors in the company is ATI founder, Benny Lau. The company stocks surged in the last few days after a 5 months positive chart setup. The company is traded at an impressive market cap of $643 million.

Audio Pixels has not yet demonstrated its possibly disruptive audio technology, but the new agreement with TowerJazz makes it clear that it is indeed about to release its intriguing MEMS loudspeaker chip, which could completely alter the loudspeaker market.


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