Vayyar Unveiled CMOS SoC for mmWave 3D Imaging

3 May, 2018

The new Vayyar chip covers imaging and radar bands from 3GHz to 81GHz, with 72 transmitters, 72 receivers and a DSP in one chip

Vayyar Imaging from Tel Aviv, announced the launch of its Radar System on a Chip (SOC) for mmWave 3D imaging, which integrates multiple transceivers and and a DSP. The new Vayyar chip covers imaging and radar bands from 3GHz-81GHz with 72 transmitters and 72 receivers in one chip. Enhanced by an integrated, high-performance DSP with large internal memory, the sensor does not need any external CPU to execute complex imaging algorithms.

Vayyar’s sensor differentiates between objects and people, determines location while mapping large areas, and creates a 3D image of the environment. By using wideband radio waves, the sensor can penetrate different types of materials and operates in every weather or light condition, making it applicable for the automotive and industrial markets.

Raviv Melamed, co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Vayyar, said: “Together with the chip, we provide a full suite of software and algorithms to expedite their ability to develop products. Radio wave imaging is a powerful technology, which was dormant for decades. Our new sensor is finally unleashing its potential.“ The first generation of Vayyar’s sensors have already been in use by several Fortune 500 companies, including as a priority partner with Softbank in Japan.

Vayyar Imaging was established in December 2011 by the chairman and CEO Raviv Melamed with VP Research and Development Miri Ratner and CTO,Naftali Chayat. Melamed previously held the role of VP and GM of the Mobile Wireless Group at Intel Corp. On December 2017, Vayyar have closed a $45 million financing round co-led by Walden Riverwood and ITI. It brings total capital raised by the company to $79 million USD.

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