New Satellite Terminals for the C-130 Hercules

23 July, 2020

Get SAT and R4 has developed a removable hatch that allows the Satcom terminals to be removed from the aircraft at the end of a mission. They are now planning to develop similar solutions for other aircraft models

The US-based R4 and GetSAT from Israel has developed a removable hatch for its communication terminal used in Hercules C-130 aircrafts. It allows to install the terminal on board the plane before tha mission, and then retrieve it at the end of a mission and install it on another plane. Techtime has learned that the solution has been developed specifically for a military customer.

ased on the micronized, ruggedized and portable Milli SAT terminal, it support roll-on/roll-off requirements of Special Operations customers and to alleviate design concerns of large radomes, the low-profile KA-band MPHS provides much needed enroute planning C5I support to SOF on all C-130/L-100 variants of aircraft. Additionally, the Commercial and Military KA-band solution reduces weight by 50% from previous hatch mount solutions.

Get SAT and R4 are now planning to develop removable hatches for additional military aircraft models. Get SAT develops flat and lightweight terminals for satellite communications in motion (Satcom on the Move) for airborne, ground and maritime military applications. R4 is a defense integrator working with the US Army. The Hercules C-130 is a military transport aircraft manufactured by Lockheed-Martin, which is capable of landing and taking off even without a paved runway and is used, among other things, for special forces missions.

GetSAT was founded in 2013 by the veteran of the IDF drone unit, Kfir Benjamin, and by the 8200 veteran and ex-Commtact worker, Oleg Roitberg. The company is located in Rehovot, near Tel Aviv, and employs about 40 employees. Last year it won a US Army tender to supply antennas to ground forces and the Navy to the amount of several million dollars

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