Radcom to provide its service assurance to Rakuten 5G networks

9 November, 2020

Radcom ACE automated platform provides visibility into the users quality of experience in virtualized 5G networks. Rakuten recently launched its first 5G service in Japan

Tel-Aviv based Radcom is extending its collaboration with the Japanese Rakuten into the realm of 5G. Last week Radcom announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Rakuten Mobile to provide its new service assurance solution, ACE, for Rakuten’s recently launched 5G services in Japan. Radcom ACE will monitor Rakuten Mobile’s 5G network in real-time to deliver insights into the customer experience, the overall service quality and provide advanced tools for engineers to troubleshoot and optimize network performance.

Rakoten is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world. In early April, Rakoten launched a new mobile service in Japan, becoming the country’s fourth telecom operator. Distinguishly, Rakutan’s new network is completely virtualized (RAN), meaning that all network components and functions are managed from the cloud.

In September, Rakuten launched its first 5G service, Rkuten Mobile V. The new service is still based on existing LTE (4G) infrastructure (known as Non-Stand Alone 5G). Rakuten intends to launch in 2021 a complete 5G network (Stnad Alone 5G). Radcom will provide its solution to both. Radcom notes that its one of the industry first contracts for providing service assurance to Stand Alone 5G network. “We believe this is an important acknowledgment of RADCOM’s leadership in 5G assurance, increases our visibility into 2021, and is the result of our focused investment in R&D and 5G product innovation,” said Radcom CEO, Eyal Harari (pictured above).

Service assurance platforms are designed to ensure the users quality of experience, whether it is watching a YouTube video, playing online game or using vehicle to vehicle communication (V2X). In 5G networks the challenge is more complex due to the multiplicity of devices and applications. Based on machine learning. Radcom’s cloud-based network intelligence provides engineers with a comprehensive solution identifying issues in the service from the radio network through access to the core, resolving service degradations, and rolling out new network architectures. RADCOM’s solution collects and analyzes real-time data from Rakuten Mobile’s Open Virtual RAN to ensure end-to-end monitoring of their 5G network and provide assurance capabilities for more advanced future 5G services.

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