Ceragon to lead 4G network deployment in Indonesia

26 September, 2021

Ceragon will provide its wireless backhaul platform to 4G network as part of a government project aimed to broaden internet access to rural area

Ceragon Networks Company has been selected to provide its wireless backhaul platform as the basis of LTE communication network deployment in Indonesia. The network is part of a wider government project to broaden internet access to rural areas in the country. As optic fiber infrastructure is lack in these areas, access to telecom services is based on wireless solutions and satellite communication.

Ceragon will be the prime vendor of this ambitious project, and will also be in charge for the network design and will lead the project management. Indonesia is a Muslim country, holding no formal relationships with Israel, though this is not the first Ceragon’s project in this country.  

Indonesia’s population is about 275 million people, and being composed of more the 16,000 islands – many rural areas cannot benefit from the advantages of the internet. According to Statista report, internet usage rate in Indonesia is 70%. In the Economist Intelligence Unit 2020 Report, Indonesia was ranked only 57th out of 100 in the Internet Accessibility Index. Back in 2014, the government launched an ambitious project aimed to provide broadband internet services to rural areas, but the implementation of this project is very slow.

Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Ceragon develops wireless back-haul infrastructure solutions. Its flagship product is FibeAir IP-20 Assured Platform, that operates at every microwave and millimeter-wave band to match the requirements of diverse network scenarios. It is based on Ceragon’s multi-core radio technology to enable high-capacity and high spectral efficiency microwave and millimeter-wave operations.


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