StoreDot to develop a 2-minute of charge battery

7 March, 2022

According to the company's roadmap, by 2032 it will develop a solid-state battery, with 100-mile of range on a 2-minute charge. By 2028 it will deliver a 100-mile of range on a 3-minute charge battery

 StoreDot Company, the developer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles, has revealed its development roadmap of the company for the next decade. Within this roadmap, the company stated that by 2032 it will be capable of mass producing of a 100-mile of range on a 2-minute charge battery. Current company’s battery, 100-mile of range on a 5-minute charge, will be delivered by the end of 2024.

Another milestone at the company’s roadmap is a 100-mile of range on a 3-minute charge battery, delivered by 2028. The progress in the roadmap is involved in a gradual transition to a solid-state battery. With this type batteries the electrolyte, through which the ions pass in the loading-unloading process between the electrodes, is made of solid material and not liquid or polymer-gel. The 2028 version will be semi-solid state, while the final 2032 battery will be full solid-state.    

Solid state batteries are an objective of the whole automotive industry. Such batteries should be safer and have a larger capacity, and therefore allow for a greater driving range. The challenge is to develop a solid material that will be stable at the one hand, and with high conductance rate at the other hand.

Dr Doron Myersdorf, StoreDot CEO, says: “It’s absolutely crucial that we give global automotive manufacturers a clear and realistic roadmap. Each milestone at our roadmap represents a radical 20% performance improvement – a major impact on the driver’s experience”.

Ultra-fast charging of EV’s batteries

StoreDot has developed the FlashBattery technology, allowing Li-ion batteries to be charged in only several minutes. This technology is based on NanoDots particles, each at the size of 2 nanometers, characterized by high capacity and integrated in the electrolytic liquid within the battery.

In early 2021, StoreDot has produced the pilot production batch of EV batteries in a plant of the Chinese battery manufacturer Eve Energy. These batteries were used to demonstrate full charge of a two-wheeled EV in just five minutes.

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