Elbit’s helicopter helmet overcomes weather conditions

17 July, 2022

The system is built in a modular format and includes an AI-based mission computer which  can identify obstacles and threats in any weather conditions

Elbit System has revealed new Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) for helicopter pilots, which  provides them with clear field of view, even in challenging weather and visibility conditions.  These conditions considered highly challenging for helicopters, as they conduct low-altitude  flights. This capability is being achieved using an array of sensors, fusion software which  merges real-time information with digital information (Augmented Reality) and an AI  technology which neutralizes the interruptions the pilots deal with. 

The helmet includes the Elbit’s new generation of X-Sight HMD, which provides the pilot  with a wide field of view through binocular installed in the helmet. The information included  a combination of helicopter’s cameras, together with synthetic information from various  digital sources. The array of sensors integrates the BrightNite multi-spectral payload (that  includes both day and Infra-Red cameras for thermal vision), laser sensor and the Xplore  compact sophisticated airborne radar, which provides advanced warning of obstacles, such  as power lines, towers, antennas and alike, in order to enable low altitude flight even in zero  visibility. 

The mission computer fuses the sensors’ information together with the information derived  from the digital maps, flight and mission data, the flight path and additional flight and  mission information – and display the information in an Augmented Reality format. The new  technological suite was designed within an open architecture in full compliance with U.S. military standards for both hardware and software. This design enables integrating sensors  provided by different manufacturers, adopt different configurations, and specific users’ applications. Since the sensors are located outside the helicopter’s body and the information is integrated using digital technology, the system provides the pilots with the ability that Elbit provide for the F-35 pilots – seeing through the body of the aircraft. 

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