Former israeli MoD executive to head the deployment of Techtonic’s new data center

7 June, 2023

Avi Dadon will oversee the establishment of one of Israel's largest and most secure data centers

Techtonic has announced the appointment of Avi Dadon as Head of New Facility Deployment for its groundbreaking data center project. Dadon, previously the Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Production and Procurement (DOPP) at Israel’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) brings a wealth of project expertise to lead the development of one of Israel’s largest and most secure data centers.

With an investment of hundreds of millions of Shekels, Techtonic’s new data center, situated in Beit Shemesh’s Brosh industrial zone, will set new standards in data center infrastructure. Covering an extensive area of 15,000 square meters, the underground facility will feature advanced physical shielding and adhere to the stringent international Tier IV standard for fault tolerance, infrastructure availability, and redundancy.

The new data center will also include two high-power 16MW electricity lines (a mainline and backup) to ensure reliable and uninterrupted customer operations. Techtonic has reached an advanced stage in the statutory process of obtaining construction permits, and the company estimates that the facility will be completed in the first quarter of 2025.

Avi Dadon’s distinguished career spans 30 years of dedicated service in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), where he held the esteemed position of Central Command logistics officer, attaining the rank of colonel. In addition, in recognition of his success within the Ministry, he was appointed the Head of Procurement, assuming the prestigious rank of MoD Deputy Director General.

“Upon learning about the high standards, innovative approach, and attention to detail applied in the design of Techtonic’s data center, I was completely convinced that this was a venture I simply had to be part of. I firmly believe in supporting businesses that are proudly ‘Made in Israel’ and have the utmost confidence in the capabilities of Techtonic’s talented Israeli team, who all operate in an entrepreneurial and leadership-driven startup culture. It is an honor to contribute to this complex technological challenge, and I am looking forward to being part of this innovative project and team,” Dadon stated.

Speaking about Dadon’s appointment, Gad Benett, Founder and CEO of Techtonic, said: “Avi’s exceptional track record and deep understanding of large-scale projects on a national level will undoubtedly prove to be an invaluable contribution to our mission to be a prominent data center in Israel. We believe that Avi is a perfect fit for our organization, and his project experience and leadership skills will play a pivotal role in helping Techtonic realize our goal of revolutionizing the data center landscape in Israel.”

Techtonic’s pioneering data center project marks a significant milestone in the country’s technology sector. By combining cutting-edge infrastructure, stringent security measures, and an exceptional team of experts, Techtonic aims to provide organizations with unparalleled safety and reliability for their data storage needs.

At the same time, Techtonic’s data center will be secured against military threats, such as direct and long-range missile strikes, ensuring that in the event they do occur, the facility’s operations will not be affected. The data center facility uniquely combines the redundancies of the internationally recognized data center Tier IV standard, providing independent and physically isolated systems for redundant capacity components and distribution paths. In addition, the team will ensure the implementation of physical shielding – a combination never seen before in any private data center in Israel.

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