Mantis Vision discovered the “Emotional Economy”

About a month after the acquisition of Alces Technology from Park City, Utah, USA, the Israeli 3D mobile sensing provider Mantis Vision is taking hold of the Artificial Intelligence startup BrainVu, and entered a totally new territory. BrainVu has developed an AI powered platform based on patents and know-how developed in the Virtual Reality and Neurocognition Lab in the Technion, Israel.

The comapny was founded in 2016 by Shay Hillel CEO, Prof. Miriam Reiner CSO and CTO Zeev Hadar. It uses remote smartphone/AR/VR camera to extract physiological bio-markers that indicate changes in brain activities and deduce human mental responses including: processing Cognitive Load, Stress Level and Emotional Engagement. The technology is based on the ability to analyze a spectrum of unique eye measurements to identify changes in alertness, attention and mental effort. This know-how was developed  in the Virtual Reality and Neurocognition Lab in the Technion, directed by Prof. Miriam Reiner.

This is an unexpected move of Mantis Vision, which until now focused more on hardware than software. Mantis Vision’s current patented Structured Light smart decoding technology allows to build small form factor 3D sensing devices and content. Recently it was incorporated into the Xiaomi Mi8 flagship mobile phone for facial authentication. This will be the first Android phone with true 3D camera.

In July this year Mantis Vision announced the closing of $55 million raising with a total investment of $84 million to date. The latest investment was led by Luenmei Quantum with the participation of  Samsung Catalyst Fund.