Aura Air launched a factory in Florida

Aura Air company, developer of technology for detecting and purifying air pollutions, to include COVID-19 viruses, completed the establishment of its USA production line earlier this month. The factory is located in Sunrise, FL, and is intended to manufacture the company’s products to the American market. Aura Air, listed few months ago at the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, started to market its products in 4Q 2020. Company’s sales revenue reached $6.3 million at the first half of 2021.

The factory, which was built together with an American subsidiary of Beth-El group, is capable of producing 180,000 units annually. Aura Air says this is a strategic step, aimed to expand its activity in the American market. By manufacturing at the USA, the company will be able to take part at government tenders which require short delivery times. In addition, the products will be defined as USA-produced products, providing the company with higher competitive edge and better marketing advantage.

A bubble of clean air

The company was founded by the two brothers Aviad and Eldar Schneiderman, after the completion of a long army service and is currently employs about 12 people. Last month it raised $3 million. AY Electronics, the owner of Shiratech Solutions, is a major investor in the company and is also responsible for the production of the systems. Their final assembly is done in the company’s new production line that opened last month in Caesarea.

This month Aura Air introduced a unique mobile personal air purification system:  It looks like a small portable device such as a mobile phone – but it is big enough to purify a full 10 cubic meters “air bubble” around the user. It includes the filter that destroys the COVID-19 and allows people to protect the air they breathe while they are in heavily populated areas, such as planes, buses, etc.