Arrow Israel provides Computing Boards equipped with Cellular & GNSS Modules made by Quectel

Sponsored by Arrow

Arrow Israel has announced the expansion of its collaboration with Quectel Wireless Solutions, which provides cellular modules in G5, LTE, LTE-A, LPWA, C-V2X, GSM / GPRS, UMTS / HSPA technologies, smart modules and GNSS modules. Arrow Electronics, in collaboration with Shiratech Solutions, has developed several boards for quick addition of Quectel’s modules to development boards and systems: boards with an Arduino Shield connection or a 96Borads standard connection. In the coming weeks, Arrow will offer some of Shirhatech’s development boards free of charge.

Cellular Modules

Quectel is considered an IoT leader and provides a one-stop-shop service for cellular modules. There are more than 100 million devices in the world that contain at least one Quectel module. The rate doubles every year. The company provides a wide range of 4G modules in CAT1 to CAT20 categories, in various configurations of MiniPCIE, LGA and M.2. Quectel also launched a series of two 5G families for Sub 6G and for mmWave, based Qualcomm processors.

GNSS and Smart Modules

Quectel provides a variety of GNSS products, including High Precision Location and Timing, Dead Reckoning, Multi-frequency receivers, Multi-constellation support, Raw Data and more. It includes also Android and Linux-based complete modules (Qualcomm processors, RAM, Flash, Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth). The modules come with a software platform that simplifies and shortens development time and reduces the total cost of design.

Service in Israel

Quectel operates a local office that provides direct response and consulting, planning, sales and testing services tailored to the communications service providers demands around the world.

Shiratech development boards with Quectel cellular modules

In the coming weeks, Arrow Israel will provide, free of charge, some of the boards developed by Shiratech, which include the modules of Quectel. This includes one of the following boards:

For more information on Quectel’s solutions and to obtain a development board – contact Arrow’s Field Application Engineer Ofir Czyzewski or to Arrow’s FAE team.