Saguna to Demonstrate Mobile Edge Computing for Cars

19 February, 2018

The Mobile Edge Computing-based driver monitoring solution was developed in collaboration with Vodafone and Amazon Web Services. It brings cloud into the car


Saguna, from Yokneam, Israel, will demonstrate in the Mobile World Congress a MEC-based driver monitoring solution developed in collaboration with Vodafone and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is based on a server and network architecture that bring computing power closer to the edge of the cellular network, to allow quick cloud computing capabilities closer to the end user. By running applications and performing related processing tasks closer to the customer, network congestion is reduced and applications perform better. MEC standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, also allows cellular operators to open their Radio Access Network to third-parties, such as content providers and application developers.

Saguna’s Open-RAN Edge Cloud solution, creates cloud-computing ‘cloudlets’ at the access network; close to end users and connected devices. It enables communication service providers (CSPs) to transform their networks into powerful cloud computing infrastructures and to deploy new Edge Applications for Internet-of-things (IoT), connected cars, drone control, content delivery, enterprises & more. It boasts a powerful yet lean architecture with built in security, routing, scaling & load balancing.

The new Proof of Concept of Saguna, Vodafone and AWS, aims to show the relevance of this technology to the coming connected car market. As the connected cars trend transforms the automotive industry, various accident prevention solutions are being developed. Among these are driver monitoring solutions, which are designed to alert distracted drivers that text, talk on the phone, become drowsy or shift their focus away from the road to someone or something in the car.

These solutions require a camera in the vehicle focused on the driver and an artificial intelligence capability that track movements and effectively identify when the driver becomes distracted. As a result, current in-vehicle solutions are expensive, hard to upgrade and may quickly become obsolete during the car’s 20-year lifespan. Bringing Multi-access edge based cloud computing into the mobile access network, enable to install a low-cost smart camera in the vehicle while offloading the computational resources to the edge of the mobile network. With edge cloud computing, the in-vehicle bill-of-materials is significantly reduced.

By operating close to the vehicles, this low latency environment can deliver the required real-time alerts and avoids loading the backhaul network. At MWC 2018, visitors will be able to see a live demonstration of the driver monitoring PoC featuring a live camera feed streaming over a Vodafone 4G LTE Network. Operating inside the access network, Saguna’s MEC solution hosts the AWS Greengrass AI video analytics application.

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