Skyworks’ Si89xx Isolated Amplifier and Delta-Sigma Modulator Family

Skyworks introduced its next generation Si89xx Isolated Amplifier and Delta-Sigma Modulator Family. These devices are designed to provide accurate isolated current and voltage measurement with very low drift across temperature. The new devices are based on Skyworks’ third generation robust CMOS isolation with > 20 kV bipolar surge and 5 kV UL1577 isolation rating.

They provide high Excellent immunity to fast transients with 75 kv/μs CMTI. Target markets and applications include Industrial: Motor Control/Drives, Solar/Wind Inverters, Isolated Data Acquisition, and Automotive: Electric Vehicles, DC-DC Converters, Battery Management and Charging. These new 60 devices provide many options: Single-ended, differential analog, or Delta-Sigma Modulated outputs, Single-ended or differential inputs of ±62 mV, ±250 mV, or 2.5 V input. They are easy drop-in replacement of existing TI and Avago solutions.




Skyworks is represented and supported in Israel by Elina Electronic Engineering Group.

For more information contact Eng. Silvio, tel: +972-54-7559692, Mulu Bitbaro, +972-54-2509599 or Yossi Chen, 054-4902499