Cidev Group implemented ZetesMedea for Order Picking and Inventory

The distributor of electronic components in Israel, Cidev Group, implements ZetesMedea to streamline logistics execution. The solution, which comprises Zetes ImageID technology, enables instant and simultaneous identification of multiple barcodes from different component manufacturers, while immediately converting the data to the configuration of Cidev’s catalogue system.

Cidev Group was established in 1973 and today operates through 7 branches which are located across Europe, Asia and USA. It is the official representative and distributor of leading manufacturers in the world within active and passive components, electro-optical, electro-mechanical, microwave and RF.

Recently it has decided to automate its system instant multiple data recognition, verification and labelling. Zetes implemented a dedicated conveyor that incorporates ZetesMedea logistics execution software and ImageID machine vision technology. The new system enables Cidev to instantly read simultaneously a wide range of different component manufacturer barcodes in various formats, then recognize the data and automatically translate to Cidev’s WMS.

The solution then instantly verifies the items with the WMS and with customer order data, then automatically prints a label with the needed information according to Cidev’s catalogue data with required customer order details. Cidev said that the new system has increased outbound logistics productivity by above 80% and has reduced the time spent on inventory counting by above 75%.