Knowles announced a new product-line of SLC capacitors and expand its RF Filtering

Knowles Precision Devices announced that its DLI brand continue to expand its RF Filtering options with newly acquires Lumped Element and Ceramic Resonator Filters to go alongside its SMD high frequency microstrip filters.

DLI is also establishing a range of broadband blocking components under the ‘Xtreme Broadband Blocking Components’ heading. It includes a new line of Single Layer Capacitors – SLC for RF and microwave applications (mmWave). Existing parts, like Opti-Cap, MilliCap, MLC Broadband Blocks and RF Blocking Networks, will be included, as well as new ones. The first of which is the PX range for DC blocking applications up to 40 GHz.

The structure of SLC capacitor is based on a rectangular piece of dielectric material with metallization across the bottom and top of the ceramic. According to the research firm Future Market Insights, The single layer capacitors market is projected to grow at an expected CAGR of 10.9% during the forecast period 2021-2031.

The increase in demand of SLC capacitors is driven by their high operating voltage of up to 10 kilovolts (kV), high stability and low losses for resonant circuit application. These capacitors have better mechanical durability as compared to multilayer ceramic capacitors and are used for very high frequency applications.



Knowles is represented in Israel by Alina Electronic Engineering Group

For more information: Avi Elia, Sales Engineer, 054-7532262, [email protected]



Bluetooth BLE 5.2 practical workshops by Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs holds a series of Bluetooth workshops focused on Bluetooth BLE 5.2 solutions. During the workshops, engineers learn new ways to integrate Bluetooth connectivity into the next project. Each practical session will explore and solve challenges developers often face when building new Bluetooth designs. These solutions will be demonstrated using Silicon Labs ultra-low-power and secure EFR32BG22 Bluetooth 5.2 SoC.

Next topics include: How Security Encryption is Handled by Hardware and Software, Understand Your Bluetooth Mesh Traffic Using Network Analyzer, PDM Interface to Digital Microphones and Security Configuration. Atendees will recieve the Thunderboard BG22 Kit: a small form-factor, optimized development platform for adding Bluetooth connectivity to battery-powered IoT products.

The Thunderboard EFR32BG22 ships with a Bluetooth demo that works with a cloud connected smartphone app, showcasing easy collection of environmental and motion sensor data, as well as button and LED control. A built in SEGGER J-Link debugger ensures easy debugging through the USB Micro-B connector.

Elina Engineering represents Silicon Labs in Israel. Contact: Yossi Chen. +972-544902499

For More Information: Bluetooth Workshops: BG22 Project Series