Adasky to establish in-house manufacturing facility

The israeli start-up Adasky announced that it has secured a $15M investment from existing shareholders, the Japanese Kyocera and Sungwoo-Hitech from South-Korea, as part of a series B investment round. Adasky stated that the funds will support the commercialization of the thermal sensor it has developed for the automotive industry and other applications. Adasky intends to establish an in-house end-to-end manufacturing and assemnly line.

Adasky’s first product, Viper, is comprised of a high-performing thermal camera and state-of-the-art machine vision algorithms, together in one complete solution, that can be added to any autonomous vehicle to enable it to see better and analyze its surroundings. Viper passively collects FIR signals through detection of thermal energy radiated from objects and their body heat. AdaSky’s algorithms process the signals collected by the camera to provide accurate object detection and scene analysis, giving the vehicle the ability to precisely detect pedestrians at a few hundreds of meters, allowing more distance in which to react to driving decisions.

Viper is the first high-resolution, thermal camera for autonomous vehicles with minimal size, weight and power consumption and no moving parts – at a price suited for mass market. Viper generates a new layer of information, originated from a different band of the electromagnetic spectrum, significantly increasing performance for classification, identification, and detection of objects and of vehicle surroundings, both near and far range.

AV, Covid-19 detection and Smart City

Based on its core technology, Adasky has released three product lines: thermal sensor for ADAS and AV systems, a customized system recently developed to monitor body temprature of passersby in crowded spaces, to detect persons potentially infected with Covid-19, and a thermal system for smart city applications. In March, Adasky announced on a first agreement with an EV manufacturer to integrate its sensor in a Level 4 AV car model.