SolarEdge to Acquire Kokam, the Li-Ion Cells Batteries Provider

Following the acquisition of Gamatronic earlier this year, SolarEdge enters into the battery market with $88 million investment in Kokam

Humavox Appointed Avi Katz to Chairman

Humavox developed unique RF-based wireless charging technology. Katz comes from the investment community. In 2017 he sold GigPeak to Integrated Device Technology for $250 million

Sky and Space Global received EU grant for M2M via nano-satellites

“2019 is going to be a transformational year for Sky and Space Global with the first launch and start delivering commercial services”

Beckermus to produce optical modules for Medtronic

Following the Visionsense acquisition earlier this year, Medtronic will deliver the production of advanced endoscopes to Beckermus Technologies from Caesarea, Israel

IC-SHINE GLOBAL Represent Insignis in Israel

Insignis Technology provides Industrial grade SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3/3L and LPDDR DRAMs, eMMCs and SSDs solutions

IAI to build Space Drones for Maintenance Missions

Space Drone will provide old Geosynchronous Earth Orbit satellites the needed power for attitude-control, relocation and inclination correction, and thus to provide up to 15 years of overall life-extension service

D-ID Launched Anti-Face Recognition Product

The company has developed a solution that protects photos and videos from robotic algorithms and AI-based face recognition, while keeping them similar to the human eye

Autotalks Merged DSRC and C-V2X into a unified V2X

While DSRC-based V2X is deployed in the US, Europe and Japan, The Cellular based C-V2X communication is gaining momentum in other regions

Mantis Vision discovered the “Emotional Economy”

The 3D camera provider enters new markets with the acquisition of BrainVu, whose technology can remotely detect emotions by analyzing eye movements

“The Mobile Tactical Radar market Gains Momentum”

Dov Sella, RADA’s CEO: “The worldwide radar market for Mobile Active Protection Systems may reach approximately $300 annually for the next 15 years”

CEVA expects revenues from Apple starting Q3

Qualcomm is out, and Intel will be using a new CEVA DSP core for the coming iPhone modems, manufactured at Intel’s foundry

On Semi Choose Optimal Plus to monitor its Production

The deployment of Optimal Plus software solution will enable ON Semiconductor to lower Defective Parts Per Million (DPPM) rates to the single digit range

Electronics Industry

IMI Strategy in Israel: Competing the Chinese

“When we saw the Israeli production in China, we understood there is a big opportunity here," said Carla Buencamino of Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. following the agreement with Beckermus
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