Juganu has developed a lighting fixture that destroys COVID-19 in the room

The fixture emits regular light combined with UV light that destroys 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses in the room. The company plans a launch in the US. “The lab results are amazing”

Japan’s ORIX to invest $60 Million in Israeli VC OurCrowd

This is ORIX’s First Collaboration with Israeli Venture Capital. It will encompass a wide variety of industries, with focus on bringing Israeli tech to Japanese multinationals

BIRD Aerosystems to deliver its AMPS to a Customer in Africa

Bird will installed its active protection system, including the laser jammer, on several types of aircraft of the customer’s VIP and Military fleet

US and The Netherlands exemine Automatic Sight

Smart Shooter’s innovative sight is mounted on top of small arms, zeroes in on the target, and releases the trigger at precisely the right moment

Atlas to develop massive airship to transport heavy cargo

ATLANT 300 will carry up to 160 tones for 2,000 KM. UN World Food Programme (WFP) and a wind turbines manufacturer had already confirmed interest in the airship

Suffolk County, NY, and Dynamic Infrastructure to maintain dozens of bridges through AI

Dynamic Infrastructure is deploying its unique maintenance technology solution to assess the “health” of 74 bridges in the Long Island county

AY Group builds an innovative Growth Platform

Aimed to drive IIoT and Medical Devices hardware companies. Yaniv Rod: “The companies will focus on their own core technologies, while we provide them with all the services and support they need to succeed”

Peregrine launches $300 million fund to focus on late stage life science companies

Peregrine closed $101 million of the planned $300 million fund, and is currently aiming to raise additional funds from institutional investors and family offices worldwide

Pangea assists Liberty Latin America in protecting its employees against the spread of COVID-19

The Pangea multi-sensor solution integrates thermal imaging, video analytics and biometric access control technologies for screening large volumes of people entering buildings and public spaces

SK Telecom CEO joins Nanox’s board

SK invested $ 25 million in Nanox. Both companies have established JV in South Korea. “We see Nanox as one of the most promising companies to make a real difference for early detection”

Digi-Key Virtual Event: Innovation during COVID-19

The EMEA Virtual Keynote Event will take place on Thursday, November 19 at 14.00 p.m. CET. It will be focused on enabling new ideas in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

Renesas and CEVA to Develop a SoC for ADAS

Challenging Mobileye and NVIDIA. The system was ordered by very large automotive manufacturer in Japan, for an ADAS solution for new L2+/L3 cars, which are projected to start production by 2025

Electronic Components

Flex tests In-line detection of Counterfeit Components

Cybord analyzes images of each electronic component captured on the SMT line - and identifies in real time if the component is counterfeit, recycled - or if it was contaminated by a malicious code
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