MobileODT will participate in India’s ambitious nationwide project for cervical cancer early detection

The project aims to screen all women in India at ages 30-65. MobileODT has developed device which enable early detection of cervical cancer using Smartphone. Around 5,000 MobilODT’s kits will be used in the project

Schneider Electric and Prisma Photonics to partner in the gas and oil sector

Prisma Photonics’ solution, based on an optical fiber, makes it possible to detect leaks and attempted sabotage and theft based on small changes in the optical signal characteristics

Kontron Partners with AI Chipmaker Hailo to Launch High-Performance Edge AI Inference Solutions

Hailo-8 AI processor performs at 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS). “More and more enterprises require edge AI solutions that ensure their devices are more powerful, versatile, responsive and secure”

Redler to partner with Virtual Forest in the Indian Micro-EV market

India-based Virtual Forest will incorporated Redler motion control solutions in two- and three-wheel Micro-EV vehicles. Both companies will invest 5.5 million USD in the initial stage

Dynamic Infrastructure aims to assist America rebuild its dilapidated bridges

Its AI platform assess the maintenance level of bridges and structures based on visual input.  CEO to Techtime: “Our technology will allow states to properly allocate their resources”

TriEye raised $74m for Short-Wave Infrared Sensor

The company invented a new process allowing the production of CMOS-based Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) sensor, reducing SWIR camera prices by thousand times

Innoviz targets a business model of Direct Tier-1 Supplier

“Innoviz is now recognized as a LiDAR direct supplier as part of the final stage of consideration for a nomination for a L2/L3 program”

“Midas touch” or “Is it for real?” 

The medium and small size Hi-tech companies are those who truely pull the train. How long can they stay in the game when the basic conditions become so difficult? Here are 3 ways [guest article]

University Program Nurtures Next Generation of Engineers

Close collaboration between businesses and universities can help nurture the next generation of engineers. Tel Aviv University and North Carolina State University provide striking example

IAI developed cloud-based satellite control station

The new technology frees the operators from their dependency in a single receiving antenna and in the satellite passing times. It also allows sending and receiving information from any available antenna worldwide

The FDA approved Insightec system for the treatment of advanced Parkinson

Insightec’s system will be used to perform non-invasive Pallidotomy, by focusing ultrasound waves to the target area in the brain. Insightec is in its way to Nasdaq, after signing merger with a SPAC last month

Edete’s robotic pollination boosts yields in California pistachio orchard by 24% 

Edete’s robotic 2BeTM pollinator conducts artificial pollination by dispersing miniscule pollen quantities that are closely controlled and managed during the blooming season

Electronic Components

Amir Sherman left Arrow Electronics to establish his own consultancy firm

"After 20 yeard with Arrow in Europe and in Israel, It's time for a new adventure. Today, I am fascinated with embedding machine learning technologies into the tiniest microprocessors available"
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