ReWalk Announced ReStore Exo-Suit for Stroke Rehabilitation

ReWalk anticipates commercializing the ReStore device for use by stroke patients and rehab clinics in Europe in mid-2019

IMI Revenues up 24% to US$1.35 Billion in 2018

The Industrial segment grew 41% and the Automotive segment by 21% in 2018, while strong activities firmed up for strategic opportunities in Aerospace

Chroma to Acquire 20.5% of Camtek for $58.1 Million

Camtek will license its triangulation technology for non-semiconductor applications to be used by Chroma, while Chroma and Camtek will cooperate in potential projects for the semiconductor market

World’s First Silicon Based Electronically Steered Multi-Beam Array Antenna

The Innovative ESMA Ku-band Antenna of Satixfy, is based on two ASIC chips, and aimed to provide affordable solution for IoT and Mobility Applications

$468.8 Billion Semiconductors Record Sales in 2018

According to SIA, the industry posted highest-ever annual sales and shipped 1 trillion units for first time in 2018. Growth slowed during the second half of the year

Marvell, NVIDIA and NXP Chose Argus’ Protection

Argus’ Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS) provides in-chip protection for Automotive networks and allows over-the-air (OTA) security updates

Mellanox CEO Eyal Waldman

Intel reportedly offered $6 Billion to Acquire Mellanox

Based in Yokneam, Israel, Mellanox provides fast connectivity solutions for data centers, cloud infrastructures and supercomputers

Hailo Raised $21 Million for Deep Learning Processor

Hailo is also opening registration for the Hailo-8 Fast Track program. The participants will gain access to the upcoming samples of Hailo-8 processor

Batteries Take Center Stage

It is clear the batteries are gaining momentum as he next core technology, along semiconductors. Now it is the time to reshape the technology and to achieve the level of innovation we see in the semiconductor industry

Intel to invest $11 Billion in production facilities in Israel

Intel is Planning a Multiyear Manufacturing Site Expansion Projects in Oregon, Ireland and Israel, to address the needs of its new non-PC markets

CEVA Announced a New Hybrid DSP/Controller Architecture

“CEVA-BX eliminates the need for separate CPUs and DSP co-processors, employing a hybrid architecture that delivers excellent all-round performance for smart devices”

Celeno raised $10 Million for Wi-Fi Innovation

The investment, joined by Celeno’s existing shareholders, will support Celeno’s product development and expansion in Europe

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