Israel Launched the Ofek-16 Spy Satellite

Ofek-16 is an electro-optical reconnaissance satellite. It was launched into space using the Shavit launcher, powered by three solid fuel rocket motors with lift capability of approximately 380Kg

Viziblezone app Identify contacts with COVID-19 Patients

Based on cross-checking Bluetooth signals of the employees’ devices. “This will eliminate the need to send all of the organisation’s employees to quarantine”

Juganu Made the Brazil-Paraguay Border Safer

The system was deployed along the “Friendship Bridge”, a well-known smuggling route. It includes 100 connected lighting poles, cameras and AI engines to provide facial recognition and license plates identification

ElectReon Raised $50 Million for EV Charging in Motion

The company has developed a unique smart road that provides wireless charging for electric vehicles in motion. Today it builds a 25-30 km electric road that will charge heavy-duty trucks in Sweden

3d Signals expands its presence in Germany

Following a strategic shift from acoustic sensors to analytics of the entire production floor, 3d Signals gained a strong foothold in Germany. “We generated new customers even throughout the COVID-19 crisis”

Nvidia and Mellanox built a Supercomputer in just a Month

In their first joint announcement, Mellanox and Nvidia unveiled an AI cyber security platform and a generic reference design for supercomputers

BMW-Mercedes Break up is bad news for Intel/Mobileye

The newly formed coalition of BMW and Mercedes-Benz could give Intel and Moblieye a dominant position in the German Automotive Driving Industry. But Mercedes decided to take a different route – with NVIDIA

CENS adds CNTs to improve the capacity of Li-Ion batteries

Adding CNT powder to the electrodes can increase the power capacity of devices such as Capacitors, Super Capacitors and Batteries by approximately 50%

Microsoft Acquires CyberX to strengthen Azure’s IIoT

CyberX provides industrial cybersecurity platform for continuous, non-invasive risk assessment and M2M anomaly detection inside ICS and SCADA

Weebit Nano raised $4.5 million to commercialize ReRAM technology

ReRAM combines the non-volatility of flash memory with the low power of DRAMs. “We are now developing a specific module of the memory, suitable for the embedded systems market”

QUA, A Universal Language for Quantum Computers

QUA is qubit agnostic and supports all quantum processors. It combines universal quantum operations at the pulse-level, together with Turing-complete processing and control

UVeye to open a manufacturing facility in the United States

The company provides digital scanners for the automotive industry. Plans to set up offices in Ohio and New York and is exploring several locations for a manufacturing facility

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