MIPI’s first spec for vehicles is based on Valens

MIPI includes 330 electronics and chip companies. The new standard defines the interface between in-vehicle systems and ensures compatibility between manufacturers. Valens’s VP of Marketing told TechTime: “This is a significant achievement for us and signals a great business potential”

Leo Messi Will Promote OrCam’s Low Vision Aid Device

Messi will meet with blind and visually impaired people from different countries and present them with the OrCam MyEye device. The first meetings of the project took place in Barcelona shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out

Japan has developed an appetite for Israeli Technologies

The number of investment deals involving Japanese investors in the second half of the decade has nearly tripled compared to the first

Digi-Key Electronics to Distribute NI T&M Products

Digi-Key Electronics announced that it has expanded its product portfolio to include certain NI’s PC-based test and measurement tools

BMW to Equip its Vehicles with Tactile Mobility Road Sensing Technology

Tactile’s software provides real-time “sensory” data on the road’s and vehicle conditions. It will be embedded in all BMW next-generation models. Tactile’s founder: “BMW is the first to adopt this kind of technology”

Gilat’s Attorneys: “Comtech is sabotaging the Merger”

Revealed information indicating that Comtech’s representatives have secretly met 17 times with Russian officials with the aim of thwarting the merger between the two companies

Jungo’s AI transform touch-based interfaces into touch-free

The software allows to convert a touch interface, such as in automated payment machines or ATMs, to an interface operated solely by voice and hands gestures, without altering the code. “COVID-19 triggered the development of the product”

US Army to deploy Interceptor Drone Developed in cooperation with Israel MoD

Using an AR device and single-handed controller, a military operator may employ the Sparrowhawk system to control the drone and perform complex tasks remotely

Intel to “Ignite” Startups in Austin, Texas, and Munich

Started in Israel in 2019, the Intel Ignite program provides startup companies with Intel’s Know-how and Industry Connections. Intel CEO Bob Swan: “It has a strategic impact”

Elbit Demonstrated Drone’s Search & Rescue Flights

Hermes 900 was deployed on a range of missions that simulated shore-line rescues, water rescues in dangerous air space and long-distance ship rescues

Rothenberger selected 3D Signals Digitization Platform

Rothenberger Group from Germany manufactures the pipe tools, with over 60 affiliates. The win may lead to thousands of installations

NVIDIA to Acquire Arm for $40 Billion

“Arm will remain headquartered in Cambridge. We will build a world-class AI research facility and a state-of-the-art AI supercomputer, powered by Arm CPUs”

Electronic Components

Flex tests In-line detection of Counterfeit Components

Cybord analyzes images of each electronic component captured on the SMT line - and identifies in real time if the component is counterfeit, recycled - or if it was contaminated by a malicious code
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