Polytex partners with Renwear to bring automated hygienic workwear management to the UK

Polytex signs its first distribution agreement in Britain with Renwear, which has already provided a Polytex automated hygienic workwear management solution to a large meat processing plant near London

SMART SHOOTER won Individual Weapon Overmatch Optic (IWOO) project

New IWOO system combines an advanced optical system, including automated detection and targeting of ground targets as well as small UAS hard-kill capability

NASA Harvest and CropX Pto Support Sustainable Ag Initiatives

Combine Critical In-Soil Insights and Satellite Observations to Improve Global Agricultural Monitoring

Humanetics and Foretellix Bridge the Gap Between Virtual and Physical Test Flows for ADAS and ADS

Joint Live Demonstration at AAA Northern California’s GoMentum Station is Planned for May 2021, Displaying a Complete Virtual and Physical Verification and Validation Flow

Tower Semiconductor Introduced new in-Chip Capacitors

“The new technology augments our 0.18um power technology, supporting applications from 5V to 200V”

Autotalks joins SECUR project to validate V2X role in road safety

The project will lay the next step on how new V2X equipped cars will be tested under the European New Car Assessment Program (EuroNCAP)

Elbit and IDF tested a Laser and GPS Guided Mortar Munition

“Laser and GPS guided munition transforms the mortar system from a statistical into a precision fire system, thus delivering a significant change at the tactical level”

ScoutCam Appoints Yovav Sameah as the its new Chief Executive Officer

“We will look to Mr. Sameah to navigate us forward as we transition to a fully-commercialized international company with sales and customers across various industries”

COVID-19 triggers multi-million euro in contracts for Polytex

Sales in both countries have nearly doubled in the past 12 months as hospitals install Polytex automated hygienic workwear management solution to combat contamination

SuperCom Reports Succesful Coronavirus Quarantine Compliance Pilot in Israel

The company’s kit includes a wireless bracelet and a smartphone. Supercom will boost its production capacity to 20k units per months. “We nvite more nations to pilot our technology”

50,000 dominican women will be screened for cervical cancer using MobileODT AI-based technology

The project is led by the dominican goverment and it follows a succesful pilot in participation of 6,000 local women. MobileODT device allows to preform the test using the smartphone

Leopard launched a smart camera empowered by Hailo’s AI chip

Designed for machine-vision applications, the camera performs AI processing tasks at the edge device. Halo’s chip can perform 26 trillion operations per second. It is the second product integrating Hailo’s AI chip

Electronic Components

Flex tests In-line detection of Counterfeit Components

Cybord analyzes images of each electronic component captured on the SMT line - and identifies in real time if the component is counterfeit, recycled - or if it was contaminated by a malicious code
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