Aura Air launched a factory in Florida

The company developed a gadget to monitor and purify the air, including COVID-19 viruses. The factory will produce 180,000 units annually. Aura Air’s sales revenue for H1 2021: $6.3 million

Cellebrite to Acquire Digital Clues

Cellebrite provides Digital Intelligence Platform that collects data from wide range of digital devices and sources for the Investigative Analytics needs of Law Enforcement agencies

IAI to Develop Digital Technologies for Future Armored Fighting Vehicle

In this concept, a two members crew operates a range of systems alongside integrated autonomous, air, and land platforms

NeuroBlade Raises $83 Million in Series B Funding to Accelerate Data Analytics

NeuroBlade has developed a new architecture that eliminates major data movement bottlenecks by integrating the data processing function inside memory

IceCure develops multi-probe cryoablation system

The system will include several needles, destroying tumors by liquid nitrogen, in a non-invasive, tissue-harmless process. It will be able to treat larger tumors, such as uterus myomas

How Autonomous Chip Design Impacts Engineering Jobs

Synopsys blog: You should be less concerned about your job going away and possibly more concerned about an AI-savvy person doing your job better

MediaTek Joined proteanTecs’ fund raising

Founded in 2017, proteanTecs develops a unicque Universal Chip Telemetry™ (UCT) technology for electronic systems monitoring throughout their entire lifecycle

Ceragon to lead 4G network deployment in Indonesia

Ceragon will provide its wireless backhaul platform to 4G network as part of a government project aimed to broaden internet access to rural area

Rafael’s Drone Dome system was used to secure the G7 summit

The system track drones in no-fly zone, and block its GPS and remote control capabilities. Also, it includes sophisticated laser that neutralizes the hostile drone

Israel Electric Company monitors power lines using Prisma Photonics

Prisma Photonics developed monitoring technology based on existing optic fiber infrastructure, and provide a detailed picture of the outside environment based on signal analysis

NeuReality collaborates with Xilinx to deliver first AI-centric server

NR1-P is NeuReality’s first implementation of its new AI-centric architecture. “It can enable use cases such as healthcare, public safety and other applications that depend on higher efficiency and lower cost”

AI Chipmaker Hailo Partners with Macnica in Japan

By collaborating with Macnica, a leading global semiconductor distributor, Hailo will be better able to serve its growing base of Japanese customers

Electronic Components

Amir Sherman left Arrow Electronics to establish his own consultancy firm

"After 20 yeard with Arrow in Europe and in Israel, It's time for a new adventure. Today, I am fascinated with embedding machine learning technologies into the tiniest microprocessors available"
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