Rafael’s Drone Dome system was used to secure the G7 summit

The system track drones in no-fly zone, and block its GPS and remote control capabilities. Also, it includes sophisticated laser that neutralizes the hostile drone

NeuReality collaborates with Xilinx to deliver first AI-centric server

NR1-P is NeuReality’s first implementation of its new AI-centric architecture. “It can enable use cases such as healthcare, public safety and other applications that depend on higher efficiency and lower cost”

AI Chipmaker Hailo Partners with Macnica in Japan

By collaborating with Macnica, a leading global semiconductor distributor, Hailo will be better able to serve its growing base of Japanese customers

Webiz recruits hundreds of programmers in Georgia to adress Israel Hi-Tech workforce deficit

Webiz employs nearly 200 programmers in Tbilisi, Georgia, who are already working for more than 20 Israeli companies, such as Kaltura and 888

U.S. Navy to deploy 25 of Stratasys 3D printers

The printers will be located on bases in the U.S. and Japan. “This contract is the largest government project for Stratasys to-date”

Fieldin raises $30M to make commercial farms autonomous

Fieldin’s agricultural operating system serves 5 of the 10 largest farms in California and supports more than 20% of global almond production

Synaptics to Acquire DSP Group

It plans to merge DSPG’s SmartVoice products and its own Katana smart vision platform, into a single unified chip. Synaptics will pay a total amount of $580 million

PepsiCo Chooses CropX to Achieve Global Sustainability Goals

PepsiCo selected CropX’s technology to help its potato producers become environmentally sustainable. Field tests showed growers were able to save 15% of water consumption using CropX platform

StoreDot to boost EV charging through communication 

Charging booster monitors both the battery and the charger. It analyzes the charging system’s performance and sets the most suitable charging profile without overheating

SolarEdge’s Kokam to supply battery energy storage system to Tahiti

Kokam’s Lithium-ion based system will replace the network’s spinning reserve diesel generators and may reduce fuel costs of approximately up to ~€1.25M per annum

Smart signpost helps prevent electric bike and scooter accidents at intersections

A trial by Autotalks and Israel’s Ben-Gurion University showed Autotalks’ ‘smart’ signpost increased driver’s awareness of e-bikes and scooters by 70% at intersections

Israeli Navy to examine the deployment of sea waves based power stations

Signed an agreement with the Eco Wave Power, a developer of onshore wave energy technology. During the first phase, the Navy will study the potential of power production in military bases

Electronic Components

Amir Sherman left Arrow Electronics to establish his own consultancy firm

"After 20 yeard with Arrow in Europe and in Israel, It's time for a new adventure. Today, I am fascinated with embedding machine learning technologies into the tiniest microprocessors available"
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