Leopard launched a smart camera empowered by Hailo’s AI chip

Hailo’s AI processor has been integrated into a new product launched recently by Leopard; a manufacturer of embedded cameras for smart devices. The product, named EdgeTuring, is an embedded HD camera for image processing and video analytics applications, in which deep learning inference tasks like object detection and classification are performed at the end device rather than at the cloud. The camera is equipped with the Hailo-8 AI acceleration module, the SC2000 signal processor by Socionext, a japanese provider of advanced SoC, and it is also connected by a simple network connection to Amazon AWS cloud services.

The product is designed for a wide range of applications such as robotics and industrial automation, smart security cameras, machine vision applications in the retail sector and more. According to Leopard, the EdgeTuring consumes less power, performs at a higher level, and ensures greater reliability for video analytics and privacy at the edge than alternative solutions.. The camera is currently priced at $ 900.

Faster then Google and Intel

Founded in 2008 and based in California, Leopard develops embedded HD cameras for autonomous driving systems, drones and robotics, AR/VR and scientific and medical equipment. Among its customers are Nvidia, Xilinx, Qualcomm, On-Semi, Boston Robotics and Sony.

Launched just last year, the Hailo-8 enables customers to integrate high performance AI capabilities of 26 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS) into edge devices. Hailo reported that a comparison between the Hailo-8 average Frames Per Second (FPS) with competitors across multiple standard NN benchmarks shows that Hailo’s AI modules achieve a FPS rate 26x higher than Intel’s Myriad-X modules and 13x higher than Google’s Edge TPU modules. The Hailo-8 M.2 module is already integrated into the next generation of Foxconn’s BOXiedge with no redesign required for the PCB.