Ohh-med developed RF technology for solving erectile dysfunctions

Ohh-med Company, operated from within Medimor Campus, is entering initial production stage of its new medical product named Vertica. This product assist in overcoming erectile dysfunction issues using RF technology, a method proved to be very advantageous in esthetic treatments. This technology is based on the company’s founder & CEO, Daniel Lischinsky, which developed Endymed’s RF technology for skin tightening. 

Daniel Lischinsky is considered one of Israel’s technologies pioneers, and served in senior developments positions at LSI Logic, Zoran Semiconductors and Saifun Semiconductors and was in charge for developing attribution plans at Mellanox Technologies. The idea of founding Ohh-med was born in 2016, when he read an article regarding Collagen’s role in the sexual processes. The ability of RC radiation to encourage Collagen fibers’ growing is a well familiar phenomenon, used in various medical implementations. The mentioned article brought experimental results, showing that the weakness of the Collagen tissue is responsible for erectile dysfunction. In conversation with Techtime, he recalls that this was the moment he realized RF technology might assist in resolving these issues. 

Lischinsky crafted a homemade prototype, which was clinically tested in Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. Following successful results (twice of Viagra efficiency), he received marketing license from the Israeli Ministry of Health, and the product is currently pending European certification (CE) approval. Ohh-med is now being arranged for a wide clinical experiment in order to file an FDA request. The device is based on connectors system, transferring AC currents through the penis, in a 1MHz frequency and a strength of 200-350mA.    

The target: Producing 10,000 devices monthly

Main advantage of this technology is that the treatment is taking place at the patient’s house, completely privately and during its convenient free time. Also, it is highly safe, as temperature sensors assures the heat will not exceed 42°C (107°F). Lischinsky: “up to date, the company had raised several million dollars (less than 10), and another raising is expected by the end of 2022. This month we started with the first batch production of 2,500 devices in the Medimor factory at Tiberius. Next month we plan to increase the production by several more thousands, and we estimate a production capability of 10,000 in 2023”. 

“Our solution helps many persons, generating no side effects nor suffer. From data known to the medical world, it seems that there is a correlation between the rates of men suffers from erectile dysfunction and their age: around 40%of them are in their forties, and around 60% are in their sixties. We are touching a painful issue in many people’s lives. Since we launched our public website in November 2021, a lot of men aged 35 to 65, showed interest by browsing it. We also noticed that almost 40% of our website’s visitors were women’.

Tower Semiconductor Announced ultra-fast RF Switch

Tower Semiconductor announced a new radio frequency (RF) switch technology with record figure of merit targeting the 5G and high-performance RF switch markets. The company is engaged with multiple customers and partners to bring this technology to market for next-generation products.

This new switch technology demonstrates a record RF device figure of merit: On/Off transition times (Ron Coff) shorter than 10 femtoseconds vs. 70-100 femtoseconds in use today for the most advanced applications. The switch performs over a wide range of frequencies spanning MHz to mmWave, including the frequency bands discussed for 5G.

The switch is also nonvolatile so consumes no energy when in the on-state or off-state, making it attractive for IoT, and other power and battery sensitive applications. Tower has demonstrated the versatility of this patented technology by integrating it with other process platforms such as SiGe BiCMOS and Power CMOS.

Tower Semiconductor will be offering multi-project wafer runs (MPWs) in 2021 for select customers. This model enables new customers to experience the technology in lower costs, by sharing the wafer in production with other interested parties. The new RF switch will be presented at IMS 2020 (International Microwave Symposium).

The abstract of Tower Semiconductor’s presentation in IMS 2020 reveals more details about the new technology: Two different sized layouts of four-terminal phase-change material (PCM) RF switches fabricated in a 200 mm silicon high volume manufacturing environment. Both layouts have with a record high FCO of 25 THz. Layout-A has a RON*C_OFF values of 6.2 fs, and Layout-B has a RON*C_OFF values of 6.3 fs.

Both layouts show minimal changes to RON or actuation voltage when cycled 10 million times. Also, a Layout-A device was cycled 1 billion times, demonstrating the ability of this RF switch to be used in high endurance applications.