Xtend to acquire Singapore-based Performance Rotors

Performance Rotors, founded in 2016, develops small, innovative aerial drone solutions designed for inspection missions. The company focuses on monitoring oil and gas infrastructure and the maritime inspection of containers and cargo ships. Together with thermal and visual sensors, the company’s flagship product, Raven, is equipped with ultrasonic depth detectors (UTG/UTM), providing high-resolution depth images. In addition, due to its small size – 12×16 in – the drone can fly in narrow spaces and is GPS-independent.

One of the strategic investors and also a client of Performance Rotors is the Dutch Royal Vopak, which specializes in storing and maintaining materials for the chemicals, shipping, gas, and oil industries. Although based in Singapore, an international maritime trade hub, Performance Rotor’s activity spans Asia, Europe, and the U.S, and its clients carry out projects in the oil, gas, infrastructure, and shipping markets. 

Xtend developed  operating system for drones operators, that enables anyone to efficiently operate the drone, even on complicated maneuvering missions, with short hours or days of training. In addition, the interface is based on gaming and VR technologies and gives the operator a sense of watching events through the eyes of the drone.

Thus, for instance, to command the drone to enter a building through a specific window or move out an explosive device, the operator is required to point the window in the building or mark towards the explosive device and order the operation. The IDF already uses this system and successfully intercepts thousands of incendiary balloons and kites in the Gaza Envelope. In addition, the company signed a contract last year for delivering more than 100 drones to the US Army, and it currently develops new solutions for the IDF and the US Ministry of Defense.

Xtend also owns a drone line branded Wolverine, mainly used for battlefield missions such as removing explosive loads, entering buildings, and leading troops. However, Xtend is primarily a software company, and its flagship product is the operating system.

[Picture above: by Xtend]